Miniature to Massive: 3D Printed Cells, Viruses and Parasites Demystify Microbiology

One of the most terrifying things about a deadly virus like Ebola, particularly potent influenza strains or, say, the Hantavirus has been the fact that, while they can potentially kill millions of people we cannot actually even see them. It is like fighting an invisible enemy, a prospect that makes such a battle even more frightening and the foe more formidable.
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3D printing cells – Making biology accessible to the blind and partially sighted

Using the latest technology in microscopy and 3D printing, Oxford Brookes University is enabling blind and partially sighted individuals to experience the wonders of biology with tactile scale models of cells, viruses and parasites. The work is supported by the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the models will soon be available for schools to borrow.

Dr Louise Hughes, who runs the Bioimaging Unit at Oxford Brookes, recently won a New England Biolabs, Passion in Science award for her work using 3D printing to bring microscopy to the public.

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