Prodim International Unveils its Large Build Volume Orcabot XXL 3D Printer

Last week, Prodim International’s Orcabot XXL 3D printer was one of the stars of the international trade show, Euromold. In its twentieth year, Euromold is the leading world fair for moldmaking, tooling, design and application development. This year’s fair was held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, Germany from November 25 to 27.
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Orcabot XXL

The Orcabot XXL Dual Head 3D Printer is our latest 3D Printer. It has an extra large build volume and is standard equipped with two independent moving extruders. The Orcabot XXL is provided with a heated bed, which makes it possible to print several types of filaments such as PLA, ABS, PVA, Nylon and many more.

This video show how fast and accurate the XXL prints a prototype Bezel for the Proliner measuring device. It is printing with one printhead and with this video we are showing the size of the printbed and size of the print itself.

More information, video’s and downloads:

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