Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me from Robotics&Learning Unisi on Vimeo.

Squeeze Me is a 3D printed interactive cover that is mounted on a tablet, enabling expression-rich communication between a person and Care-O-bot. The cover is squeezed to grab attention of the robot and control it in a smart environment. The expressions exerted on the device by the person are mapped to movements of the robot. A short pinch results in a sturdy movement of the robot, a hard squeeze results in a quick movement and a gentle touch in a slow approach. A graphical interface on the tablet contains a robot-view, so that the person can see what Care-o-bot is looking at. This view is displayed as a dynamic mask that helps focus attention on what the robot is looking at. It can also express its emotional state, e.g. from neutral to surprise or joy, depending on the context of interaction. All changes in the robot’s movement are mapped to changes in the expression of the mask. Squeeze me was developed in the context of the European Project ACCOMPANY (accompanyproject.eu/).
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