The 3D Printing Filament Spool Standard: Light-weight, stackable, standard spool design could take hold soon

3D printer filament is to FFF/FDM 3D printing, as blood is to every living human being. Without it, you simply just have a dead, useless machine that can’t do anything. Equally important, however, yet not always looked at as so, is the spool (or lack thereof) that the filament is wound around. When filament is placed on a spool, it is done so in a way that should ensure that it is not damaged, and that it can freely roll off without tangling or causing other problems during the print process. Many people take the simplicity of these spools with a grain of salt. Who care’s what they are made up of, how large they are, or how much they weigh?
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Universal 3D Printing Filament Spool Standard

This is an update for the proposed Universal 3D Printing Filament Spool Standard – Document Number – 88-22963-1 (Issue 1) 25th November 2014
The Spool Standard document can be downloaded from
Further and background details about the spool standard can be found on
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