3DKitbash Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 3D Printed Action Figure, NiQ

When I think back to all the time I spent playing with dolls and action figures as a child, I now realize that it was smart for my parents to purchase them for me. Sure, I did unorthodox things with my Barbie dolls, like suspend them from trees with rope, give them 80’s style punk rock mohawks, and draw on them with permanent markers; they definitely sparked my imagination for hours and hours. I wonder how I would have felt being able to see my favorite dolls and action figures 3D printed on my own desk, with a special origins story arriving with them, to introduce me to the concept of how the toys are made.
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3D Printer Action Figure: NiQ via 3DKitbash.com
by 3DKitbash.com


NiQ is in a desperate rush to make his way to earth and warn his sister Quin of a band of evil kaiju that are hot on her trail! – With word of Quin’s successful teleportation to Earth via a 3D Printer, The marauding band of giant monsters has vowed to capture Quin and use her technology for their own nefarious plans. NiQ intends to reach Quin first and help her prepare for the oncoming Kaiju onslaught!
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