Dez 2, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Alexander Hafner, GM of MakerBot Europe is Enthusiastic About MakerBot Innovation Center Expansion

While last year’s Euromold participation – shortly after the Stratasys acquisition – was the first real taste that MakerBot got of a full on industrial manufacturing event, and the main goal was to show its products, this year the company was present with a very clear plan. And that was to present itself as a valid alternative for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing initiatives, proposing a solution that differs from others on the show floor, one that can be based on highly affordable 3D printers farms. That solution is based on MakerBot’s 3D family of 3D printers although it is made possible by the MakerBot Innovation Center concept, which the company is now transitioning into Europe after a successful venture in US schools and universities.
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