DWS Adds NAUTA+ Parametric Editor to Its Manufacturing Solutions

When working with extremely high resolution SLA technologies such as the ones that Digital Wax Systems develops primarily for the dental and jewelry industries, precise and minimal supports become an even more crucial issue. To address this, the company has launched the new NAUTA+ parametric editor, which has been developed to perfectly integrate into a creative solution that already included in-house developed and built machines as well as a range of over 30 in-house developed and produced resin materials.
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Nauta+ – DWS (Presentation video)

Nauta®+, the new parametric editor for 3D printing.
It can import several 3D file formats: it easily places and duplicates the objects on the platform and applies advanced tools like manual and automatic supporting.

• Automatic support: DWS has collected a list of strategies to easily support objects of different shapes.
• Parametric engine: The tools inside Nauta®+ are parametric so that you can modify the result of a tool everytime you want.

Transformations, object info, explode, positioning, automatic support, supports editing, automatic base, replicate, and more.
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