Introducing the Digital Thread to EuroMold 2014

The EuroMold floor was bustling with an energetic crowd last week, and 3D Systems was in the middle of the fray sharing our latest and greatest developments in 3D printing and scanning technology. Included in our on-the-floor portfolio were printers as small as a coffeemaker (our micro-SLA ProJet 1200) and as large as the ProX 400, our latest in direct metal 3D printing, described by one show-goer as “a UFO from the future” that had seemingly landed at the corner of our booth. Also on the floor were our new Capture Mini 3D scanner, with twice the resolution and half the size of the Capture, opening up new opportunities for precise scans in small operations such as dental, jewelry and small electronics. The Touch haptic stylus also generated a lot of excitement as a new way to get hands on with digital through force-feedback modeling in virtual clay.
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3D Systems @ Euromold 2014

3D Systems is Manufacturing the Future Now. See our new lineup of 3D printing tools and technology, including powerful fab-grade metal and SLS 3D printers, versatile materials, accurate scanning solutions and an innovative engineer’s desktop workflow program.
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