Man 3D Prints and Paints Incredible Replica of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise

I remember growing up as a kid, whenever my father was home, it seemed as though our television was always tuned to whatever station was playing Star Trek. My Dad was quite the avid Star Trek fan, and would probably be considered a borderline Trekkie. While I was too young to thoroughly enjoy this futuristic-themed television series at the time, I have since become a bit of a fan myself.
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3D-Printing & Coloring the Starship Enterprise

This video shows how I printed the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. I also decided to color it with my airbrush kit afterwards. Basically I used 3 layers (White base, light Grey and a darker Grey for some of the details). I just got the airbrush kit, so I am no expert. The markings were applied with a fine brush.
You can download the model here:
(Quelle und weitere Infos: Youtube)

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