Mosaic Manufacturing 3D prints a flashlight using just a single extruder

Remember the promising start-up Mosaic Manufacturing, that we reported on a few weeks ago? This team of Canadian design and engineering students have been working on a very promising add-on to your typical 3D printer set-up, that will allow anyone to accurately print objects in multiple colors using just a single extruder.
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3D Printed Flashlight – Will it work?

Using groundbreaking F-Electric conductive filament the Mosaic team has designed a working uni-body flashlight with an embedded 3D printed circuit.

The 3D printed circuitry was used for both a switch and conductor. A battery and LED were inserted after printing. This filament truly is over 1000 times more electrically conductive than any other filament on the market. We cannot wait to print more sophisticated circuitry with it.
(Quelle und weitere Infos: Youtube)

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