„Drawn“ — 3D Printed Designer Furniture Arrives Via Kickstarter

Galatéa is much more than just a statuesque mechanical arm–she is responsible for bringing an entire furniture factory and boutique to life in vivid color and modern shape. And not only that–this amazing 3D printer represents the classic fairy tale of the technology–demonstrating everything about it that is beneficial to both innovators and consumers.
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Drawn exhibition on Lyon City Design – March 2015

Drawn exhibition on Lyon City Design – March 2015 from drawn on Vimeo.

Drawn was exhibiting in partnership with ERDF during Lyon City Design Galatea and the creation of customized city benches made on data of consumtion and production of electricity on 24 hours.
Thus, each bench was created unique due to difference in datas collected.
(Quelle: Vimeo)

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