Future Buildings to be 3D Printed Out of Rubber Tires, Salt, Paper & More – Ronald Rael’s REAL 2015 Presentation

Emerging Objects is a company that we have covered many times in the past couple of years. They have been on the cutting edge of 3D printing, bringing to fruition uses which we have never seen before from the technology. Whether it is 3D printing with new materials such as tea, salt, or coffee, or if it is creating large structures which depict where the future of architecture may be going, the company, co-founded by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, continues to surprise us with their latest innovative techniques.
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REAL 2015 Presentations – Materials Technologies with Ronald Rael

Explore Reality Computing at this exclusive 1st summit + hands-on experience. From drones to autonomous cars, industrial robots to major engineering works, and game consoles to tomorrow’s mobile phones, 3D sensors are suddenly everywhere. And several decades after first grabbing headlines, VR and 3D printing are hot again, attracting billions in investment, and moving beyond early adopters to professionals. But it is the sum total, where sensing meets making, where big change is brewing. While the ‘Internet of Things’ grabs headlines, a 3D revolution is quietly building.
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