Turn Your Drone into a 3D Printed Version of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

When it comes to 3D modeling and printing, there are few individuals who possess the skill level that MyMiniFactory’s Lead Designer Kirby Downey has. He’s created some of the most awe-inspiring 3D printable objects we have covered since our launch back in January 2014. At the same time, there are few categories which garner the excitement within the internet community as much as cool Star Wars creations, as well as drones, and when you put Downey’s creative genius and modeling skills together with both Star Wars and drone themes, fireworks are bound to go off.
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3D printed Millennium falcon Drone shell

This Shell can fit to a store bought HUBSAN X4 H107 Quadcopter purchased from amazon.
(Quelle, Infos und Downloadlink: Youtube)

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