Floreon Unveils Innovative New PLA/Polyester Filament – 4 Times Stronger Than Typical PLA

When it comes down to it, PLA is typically the preferred material of the majority of desktop 3D printer enthusiasts. Environmentally friendly (at least when compared to ABS), affordable, versatile, and nontoxic, the material is perfect for many DIY projects. With that said, there are also disadvantages to using PLA as opposed to other filaments like ABS or nylon. For one it’s not the toughest material on the market. It can easily crack and is not very flexible, making it a poor choose for certain projects.
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Floreon 3D

Floreon, the No. 1 performing Bioplastic, makes the ideal 3D printing filament.
Made from plants not oil and derived from abundant 100% annually renewable plant resources, it’s also four times tougher than standard PLA.
Floreon 3D printing filament is tough, durable, flexible and retains it’s vibrant colour.
Young engineer Alex Youden explains what makes Floreon 3D printing filament is his choice.
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