Project Pyra: 3D Printed Smart Oven Cooks Your Dinner; Incubates Cells in the Lab

Fathom has harnessed thermal heat.
They have mastered digital design with the use of electronics. They have a Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer, and they know how to use it. And with years of refining, modern technology, and a simple pyramid design, the Pyra is your first 3D printed smart oven. Not really just meant for roasting succulent meats and baking up those red velvet cupcakes, the Pyra is meant to be an important tool in the lab for creating and baking up new cell structures, or elsewhere when thorough, enclosed thermal heating is required.
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Trailer: Project Pyra, First 3D Printed Smart Oven

Scientist Reimagines Your Summer BBQ Experience—First 3D Printed Smart Oven… Project Pyra Defines the Convergence of 3D Printing and the Internet of Things:
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