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Projekt Prothesenherstellung mit Autodesk und Denise Schindler

Auf der Hannover Messe hatte ich das Vergnügen, die frischgebackene Weltmeisterin über 3000m im Bahnradfahren, Denise Schindler, kennenzulernen. Das Besondere daran ist, dass Frau Schindler mit zwei Jahren ein Bein unterhalb des Knies verloren hat und ihre Leistungen – von der Para-Cycling-Bahnrad-WM kam sie mit einem kompletten Medaillensatz Gold/Silber/Bronze zurück – mit einer Prothese einfährt. Seit einigen Monaten arbeitet sie mit Autodesk an einem Projekt, Prothesen und 3D-Druck zusammenzubringen.

Das Video von Autodesk zeigt den neuen Prozess mit Meshmaker, Fusion 360 und 3D-Druck. Mehr Informationen auf
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Father Receives a Brand New 3D Printed Face From His Son After Cancer Eats Away His Own

We’ve seen some incredible medical applications within the 3D printing space over the last several years. From 3D printed prosthetic legs, to medical models which guide surgeons during complex procedures, to facial prostheses which help patients fit in with the rest of society, 3D printing is changing the way doctors deal with complicated injuries and illnesses.
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Tumor Patient’s Shoulder & Arm are Saved From Amputation Thanks to 3D Printed Shoulder

When most people hear the phrases “additive manufacturing” or “3D printing”, they usually picture the technology being put to use in large factories, creating prototypes, or in someone’s garage who’s making little plastic trinkets. However, as of late, 3D printing has been gaining ground within the medical field, as doctors and surgeons are really beginning to understand the potential that it has in creating prostheses.
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The Most Realistic 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand Yet! – Steve Wood’s Flexy-Hand Filaflex Remix

When it comes to prosthetic hands and arms, 3D printing has been making a huge impact, especially when we talk about accessibility for children and teenagers. Children are at a disadvantage when it comes to being fit with a functional prosthesis, simply because their bones are still in the growing phase. This means that the typical prosthetic hand only lasts for about 2 years before these young patients outgrow them and require another.
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Lingerie Company Using German RepRap X400 3D Printers to Produce Cheaper Breast Prostheses

This morning we introduced you all to a Kickstarter project from Daisy Fit Forms, which sought funding so that the company could create 3D printed molds for breast prostheses. These molds would allow for complete customization of the prostheses, and in the process change the lives of thousands of breast cancer survivors for the better.
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Teacher & Students 3D Print an Amazing Baseball Bat Swinging Prosthetic Hand

There is something about the start of the Major League Baseball season in the United States that brings a summertime excitement to the country. It signifies the start of warm weather, gatherings at the ballpark, and the donning of caps and jerseys. The sport, considered America’s pastime, has been part of American history for over a century, bringing traditions to families, allowing parents to bond with their children, and mixing cold beer with peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and hot dogs all season long.
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South Africa: Amputee Goose, Ozzie, Receives 3D Printed Leg Prosthetic

While we come across so many scientific, complex stories regarding 3D printing every day, much of it based around transforming industry, helping to save lives, and working as a general catalyst for improvement, it’s very inspiring when we get to write about innocent animals who are able to receive a better quality of life. Since animals and pets obviously can’t ask directly ask for help themselves, it’s up to us to pinpoint their needs—and to take the initiative for them—making for a very sweet story when all those elements fall together, resulting in assistance with innovations such as 3D printed animal prosthetics.
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Ozzie Standing and first Walk

Ozzie got his 3D printed leg and Sue has been helping him to stand on it .. he did and also made his first attempt at walking
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