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Surgeon Turns Horrid Tumor Prognosis into Amazing Story by 3D Printing a Pelvic Prosthesis

3D printing has been used more and more often in medical practice. Doctors and surgeons are beginning to really realize the benefits associated with the use of this technology. For one man, named Mr. Liu, 3D printing aided in helping him turn what could have been a disastrous outlook on life into a phenomenal, heart-felt story.
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3D Printing Prosthetics in the Developing World, an Interview with 3D Life Prints

Some time ago I wrote an article about a venture called 3D Life Prints, based in Nairobi, Kenya. I now had the chance to speak directly with the organization’s founder, Paul Fotheringham. The former investment banker decided to make a radical change and use his contacts and international experience to make a significant difference in the lives of people. Fotheringham set out on using 3D printing to locally manufacture some of the items that are needed most: in many cases, that means prosthetics.
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3D Printing May Help Legless Puppy Become Mobile in “Legs for Nimble” GoFundMe Campaign

Mr. Pond, my dog, is a rescue, part Chihuahua, part something else; in a rare moment of stillness, he’s actually sitting on my lap right now as I write this article, but he’s usually running around, chasing the cats, begging my fiancé or me to play fetch, doing everything in his tiny power to drag us on his leash when he goes out for walks. I call him Robot Dog because he has such a funny little straight-legged run when he skitters through our home or dashes around the dog park.
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Greek OpenBionics unveils affordable, light-weight 3D printed bionic hands with 144 grasp movements

The availability of affordable 3D printed prosthetics has been surging in recent years, and are currently changing the lives of thousands of people everywhere. Not only are these far more affordable than all traditionally-manufactured prosthetics available on the medical market, they’re also far easier to customize and adjust. Of course, most of these are simple plastic prosthetics with a mechanical grip, but 3D printed bionic alternatives are on their way.
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Open-Source, Affordable, Anthropomorphic Robot Hands and Prostheses

OpenBionics ( | Submitted Paper: George P. Kontoudis, Minas V. Liarokapis, Agisilaos G. Zisimatos, Christoforos I. Mavrogiannis and Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, “Open-Source, Anthropomorphic, Underactuated Robot Hands with a Selectively Lockable Differential Mechanism: Towards Affordable Prostheses”, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Hamburg (Germany), 2015. (under review)
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Students Create a 3D Printed Prosthetic Biker Leg, Electricity Generator, & More at 24-Hour 3DPrintathon

“Why should 3D printing be in schools?” That’s a question I find myself having to answer over and over in response to questions posed by educators and school administrators who are relatively unfamiliar with the technology. My response is usually an easy one. I simply point them to the plethora of stories that we have covered on the amazing things that 3D printers have allowed students to create.
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