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Standard Cyborg Unveils the 3D Printed Prosthetic „Water Leg“ — Priced Under $500

Life with a prosthetic leg can be cumbersome. Many of us who are fortunate enough not to require such a device have no idea about the issues which need to be overcome by those fitted with a prosthetic. You don’t just slip the prosthetic on and go about your daily life, care free. An individual wearing a prosthetic device has to always be on-guard for unforeseen events.
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3D printers give kids new hands and new hope

It all happened in a flash. Carpenter Richard van As from Johannesburg, South Africa, was using a saw when it suddenly slipped — and he lost four fingers on his right hand.

While he was in the hospital, he made up his mind that he would figure out a way to work with his hand again. But prosthetic hands and limbs cost tens of thousands of dollars.
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Felix the Sheep Fitted With a 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

It’s back to Woodstock, and today we aren’t headed down to Yasgur’s farm, but rather to Jenny Brown and Doug Abel’s Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. These are some lucky farm animals indeed, who despite challenges earlier in their lives, are now cherished and nurtured deep in the Catskill Mountains where peace, love, and happiness made history decades ago. Still working in that vein, WFAS extends peace, love, and respect to animals as well — including good medical care.
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Open Bionics’ 3D Printed Robotic Hand is “World’s Most Advanced” and Ready to High-Five

Shaking hands may seem like something only politicians look forward to, but for those experiencing it for the first time at age 23, it’s something much bigger than a simple greeting (or schmoozing). Daniel Melville was born without a right hand — but thanks to Open Bionics, the now 24-year-old has been shaking hands almost non-stop since he got his 3D printed robotic hand.
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World’s Most Advanced 3D Printed Robotic Hand presents their latest 3D printed robotic hand at CES 2015, worn by Dan who was born without a right hand.
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Marvel Universe LIVE! and e-NABLE Team Up for Adventure, Give Kids “Super” 3D Printed Hands

From email to super hero is, as it turns out, a surprisingly short journey.

Marvel Universe LIVE! has been entertaining the crowds across the country as the exciting super hero-themed stage extravaganza tours, but perhaps no community has felt the impact quite so much as Dallas, Texas did recently. Erin Burgy from Marvel Universe LIVE! wrote an email to e-NABLE‘s Jen Owen in October, and it all took off from there.
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„Assembling To Save The Universe“ – e-NABLE & Marvel Universe LIVE!

4 e-NABLE Volunteers.
5 Marvel Universe LIVE! Cast members.
6 New Super Heroes.

Saving the Universe together in Dallas!
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Researchers Create Perfect Fitting 3D Printed Transtibial Leg Socket for Prosthetic Legs

I am fortunate enough to have both of my legs. I can run, jump, play football, and swim in the ocean. Unfortunately though, not everyone can say the same. There are individuals born with birth defects that bring them into this world with missing legs, and there are those who suffer an accident or disease which leave them missing one of their legs.
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Utah 4-Year-Old Ready for Kindergarten with His New 3D Printed Ear

I admit I throw out about two-thirds of the mail that shows up in my physical mailbox, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Pre-approvals for credit cards I don’t want, promotions for stores where I don’t shop, updates from the dealership where I bought my car six years ago…it adds up, and it gets tossed out. But sometimes flyers that show up in the mail just might be the thing to change an entire life.
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