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17-year-old learns to play the guitar with a custom-made 3D printed prosthetic

It’s no secret that 3D printing technology is perfect for making prosthetics; private and collaborative initiatives (like E-NABLE) have been able to help thousands of people who have lost a limb or were born without one for just a few bucks. You’d be surprised how much you can change someone’s life with just a single role of filament.
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3D Printed prosthesis to play the guitar (English Subtitles)

3D printed prosthesis to play the guitar
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North Carolina Man Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Help Him 3D Print Prosthetic Fairings For His Leg

There have been so many incredible stories we have covered over the last year. In fact, as turns a year old, the topics which have received the most feedback have been those related to the 3D printing of prostheses. Literally thousands of individuals are having their lives made a little bit better, thanks to this incredible technology. When a father can crate a prosthetic hand for his child for under $50 on a desktop 3D printer, the topic certainly can be an emotional one.
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3D Printed Prosthetic Hands Take a Turn Towards Fashionable with Paintable Fingernails

The major knock on most prosthetic devices — whether we are talking about arms, legs, hands, or whatever it be — is the simple fact that they are usually not stylish. People spend $40,000+ on prosthetic hands which quite frankly look like something that belongs in a science-fiction movie. While many people don’t mind the robotic look when it comes to sporting a prosthetic hand, as long as it functions like it should, other individuals care significantly about the aesthetic appearance of their device.
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Flexy-Hand 2 – Filaflex Remix: 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand Looks and Moves Like the Real Thing

I couldn’t count how many different stories we have done on 3D printed prosthetic hands. Most of these stories have come our way from various e-NABLE members. e-NABLE is a group of over 3,000 volunteers who share ideas and designs on 3D printable prosthetic devices, and then connect with other individuals in need of these devices, in order to 3D print them a new hand, arm, or whatever other extremity they may need. For now, most of the prostheses we have seen come from e-NABLE have been hands and arms, but who knows what the future will hold for this amazing group of individuals.
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Flexy-Hand 2 – Filaflex Remix

My most advanced Flexy-Hand to date.
Optimised to be printed with flexible filaments. This version was printed with Skin I Filaflex, Skin II also available.
Key Features :

– Thermoformed Gauntlet, dual material, lower layers PLA, upper layers Filaflex, great strength.
– Palm socket integral to hand. Can also be filled with mouldable medium, eg, Oogoo, Sugru, Silicone, Latex etc.
– Each finger and thumb printed in one piece. Using CraftWare customisable supports.
– Silent articulation.
– Recipient’s scanned limb printed with internal „bone“ and wrist articulation. Using variable density „Modifier Meshes“ in Slic3r.

Download from Thingiverse :
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e-NABLE Volunteers Set Sights on Full-Scale Project for 3D Printing Prostheses in Haiti

We’ve reported on the inspired and heroic worldwide feats of the volunteer-driven e-NABLE a multitude of times as they 3D printed over 700 prosthetic hands last year alone. Not surprisingly, the organization has been the recipient of numerous awards, and e-NABLE has grown in size from just several hundred volunteers to over several thousand. They are responsible for a strong focus on helping children in need, with the creation of incredible and innovative 3D designs for their 3D printed prosthetics. And now, e-NABLE has their sights set on making Haiti their next mission, and volunteers have already made considerable headway.
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Hands For Haiti

A pilot project to get low cost 3D printed e-nable hand and arm devices into underserved areas around the world.
This is our first trip to Haiti and we plan to go back with even more to share with them!
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