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3D Printing Lower-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics

We are certified clinicians trying to develop a method to make 3D printed orthotic and prosthetic devices accessible to our patients.

About this project

3D printing has been around for a while, and we’ve all seen stories here and there about someone receiving a 3D printed prosthesis. Tyler and I think it’s time for 3D printed prostheses to stop being a novelty, and become the standard of care, accessible to anyone. To do this, we will have to learn to stop leaning on quarter-million dollar printers, and learn to make quality devices on more affordable printers, like the $9,000 printer we want.
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A New Dimension – From body parts to the building blocks of organs, 3-D printing is the new frontier for health care.

When cancer researcher Rosalie Sears, PhD, clicks the print button, ink does not spray onto a page. Instead, actual human cells issue from different heads of her 3-D printer.

In a short while, she has before her a very small tumor — an exact replica of a patient’s cancerous growth. At that point, she and her colleagues can attack the printed copy with any number of cancer treatments.
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7-Year-Old Boy Joins the Ranks of the Imperial Stormtroopers Thanks to 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

Growing up as a youngster who is missing an arm can be tough at times. If it isn’t the barrage of questions that are thrown at you about your missing arm, it is the frustration and difficulty of simple tasks such as playing catch, buttoning a shirt, or clapping your hands, that can get you down.
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Augusta boy gets new ‚trooper‘ arm

Liam Porter got his new arm as part of an international effort to harness new technology to help those who need prosthetics they otherwise couldn’t get.
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High Schoolers Design & 3D Print a Prosthetic Hand for 7-Year-Old Boy

When he was approached by a local Minnesota resident looking to help her nephew, instructor Mark Vonder Haar turned to his students in the Technology and Engineering class at Orono High School. Together, they spent all year helping to create a 3D printed hand prosthetic for seven-year-old Johnny Skoog. Little Johnny’s prosthesis was based on the popular Raptor Hand design developed by the engineers at E-nable.
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e-NABLE Celebrates Incredible 2014 with 700+ Prosthetic Hands Created, 3000 New Members & More

If we were to pick out a topic, an organization or a theme that we covered the most in 2014, there is no doubt that e-NABLE would top all of those lists. e-NABLE, for those of you living in the middle of the woods for the past year, with no TVs newspapers or computers, is a group of volunteers who have gathered together in order to make the lives of those individuals with missing limbs, a bit more fulfilling.
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