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Sandvik, world’s top maker of metal cutting tools, opens 3D printing center

Observant readers might have noticed that 3D printing technology has been making significant inroads into various heavy industries throughout 2014. We’ve seen that more and more companies in the aerospace and automobile industries have been adopting high-quality metal printing as a prototyping and even a manufacturing technology, while even new military applications are being created. Just last week we reported on a new initiative by the Chinese navy to include metal 3D printers on its warships.
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Create Your Minis rasing funds for customized 3D printed figurines on Kickstarter

Create Your Minis is a project that allows you to design your own 28/32mm (scale 1:56)miniatures. You are able to design your model by choosing stance, clothes and weapons etc and visualize your figurine in 3D. The company, Create Your Minis team based in France, will print it out and send to you.
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Create Your Minis -3D printed miniatures
by Create Your Minis

Design exactly the miniature you want on our website by selecting its equipment and pose, it will be 3D printed and sent to you!

About this project

Createyourminis is about letting you design through our website your own 28/32mm miniatures (1:56 precisely, for example the miniature of a 1.80m tall human will be 1800/56=32mm high). You choose the type of model you want, like man or woman, then select the clothes, the weapon, the equipment. Once you are done, you choose how the weapon is held then select a pose among the compatible poses.
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First Official 3D Printed Personalized Football/Soccer Player Available from TryeCo 2.0

Founded by a team of qualified architects and designers, TryeCo 2.0 is an advanced 3D modeling studio that was among the first to implement 3D printing technologies. Recently, the company set out to bring their 3D printing know-how to consumers by creating a series of 3D printed products with high artistic and/or personalization value. That process has culminated in the introduction of the service, which lets anyone put their face on the body of a football player (‘soccer’, if in the US) wearing their favorite team’s color.
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Dayton’s Proto BuildBar Invites You to Make, 3D Print, and Have a Drink or Two

As 3D innovations and technology move forward at rocket speed, a smorgasbord of 3D design and 3D printing technology and machines abound. Now, with a veritable buffet of 3D printing ideas—and 3D printers—put right in front of you at Proto BuildBar—you can overdose to your mind’s delight on Thingiverse designs, quiz technical experts on the scene, all while grabbing a coffee or relaxing and having a brew with your buddy.
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Unique Cafe Allowing Diners to Create Using 3D

DAYTON — It’s a place where guests can make almost anything they can imagine. Proto BuildBar is now open for business near Fifth Third Field.
The bar and cafe has 3D printers, electronics and other tech toys. The coffee and espresso bar also has sandwiches, snacks and beer.
It’s a combination maker space. You can 3D print items, create electronics, microcomputers and things like that all in a fun kind of atmosphere where you can grab a coffee or a drink and hang out, said Chris Wire, owner.
This is the first build bar in the world so check it out!
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