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3Doodle Your Own Miniature Model of the Solar System

The artists at 3Doodler, the extremely user-friendly 3D pen, have produced an artful, out-of-this-world model of our solar system and they’ve shared instructions for the project so you can make your own model. The original model was created last spring for the window of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Design Store in New York City’s SoHo (for non-New Yorkers they have a fantastic web store) and was so popular, the folks at 3Doodler decided to share their design more broadly.
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Scientists Develop HYPER 3D Printing Pen That Works in Nanoscale

We’ve seen the 3Doodler in action for about a year now, and it’s pretty neat. Some people have developed uses for the 3D printing pen outside fun little “3Doodles,” including a recent use in creating an exoskeleton for healing a hand fracture, but for the most part the 3Doodler remains mostly a “just for fun” piece of the 3D printing world. South Korean scientists have now come up with a new type of 3D printing pen that quite frankly blows the 3Doodler out of the water; this pen 3D prints on the nanoscale.
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3Doodler Isn’t Just for Play: London Designer 3Doodles an Exoskeleton to Protect Healing Hand

Artists see the world differently than most people; that’s a given. Where most people would look up at the night sky and just see black and some pinpoint stars, Vincent van Gogh saw swirls and an interplay of colors that eventually immortalized him; I can’t say just what Picasso saw when he looked at the world, but seeing the reflections of it through his brush strokes certainly makes quite an impression. Today’s artists have different media to work with, and approach both materials and the world with their own unique viewpoints.
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3Doodler Revamps Their Community Page Full of Designs, Adds New Halloween Masks

If you are like me then you might find yourself waiting until the last possible minute to purchase a Halloween costume for that hot Halloween party you may be attending after the kids have their fun collecting candy throughout the neighborhood. Once again, this year I will be purchasing a costume for myself on Halloween day, waiting in lines seemingly the length of an airport runway. It’s times like these I wish I had thought ahead a little more.
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3dtotal Games Launches New Kickstarter Campaign for 3D Printing Pen Project Manual

With Christmas approaching, I find myself evaluating everything in terms of whether or not it might be a great gift idea, especially for kids. Arts and crafts are always a big hit, and what a great idea to introduce everyone to the new technology of the 3D printing pen–or to help someone further master their new hobby. The first book on the subject is brought to you by UK-based 3dtotal Games, and you could very possibly transform someone’s life by introducing them to the 3D printing pen, most notably the 3Doodler.
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Master Your 3D Pen! Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration
by 3DTotal Games

„Master Your 3D Pen: Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration for 3D Designs“ – the first book dedicated to helping you use a 3D-printing pen!
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Polyes Q1 3D printing pen uses light to harden ink, Kickstarter launch coming soon

Now you can free yourself from boring 2D, 3D printing pen brings doodles and drawings to life. Just draw in the air and you’ll be printing with plastic using 3D printing pen. Last year US start-up WobbleWorks developed the first generation 3D printing pen 3Doodler and received a lot of attention – it has raised $2.3 million in Kickstarter funding.
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Polyes Q1 Press Conference by Future Make Technology LLC

Polyes Q1 shows a Polychrome World for you! Released by Future Make Technolgy LLC, it represents a whole new generation of 3D Printing Pen, and much safer than the present ABS/PLA and „Cool Ink“ 3D Pen.
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