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Printrbot Introduces Dual Extruder Upgrade For Their Metal Plus 3D Printer

Earlier this week, we released a list of what we feel are among the top 10 affordable desktop 3D printers available at this time. Coming in at #4 on the list was the Printrbot Metal Simple, a creation by Brook Drumm and company which has received rave reviews from the 3D printing community. A step above the $599 Metal Simple, for those of you with larger wallets or pocketbooks, is the Printrbot Metal Plus. This machine has an even larger build envelope of 10 x 10 x 10 inches while maintaining the same sturdy feel and precise print capabilities of the smaller predecessor.
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Aluminum & Steel 3D Printer Filaments On Their Way — Sinterhard Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The Sinterhard team, based in Massachusetts, is a mid-sized group of engineers of nearly every type, from software engineers to electrical engineers. Headed up by Bill Novacs, who holds a multitude of advanced degrees (including engineering), and considers himself a ‘maker,’ this group is on a clear path to transform not only the manufacturing of industrial parts, but more specifically, they are transforming it on the 3D printing level with a new filament: Sinterhard Metal Filled Filament.
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Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments for 3D Printing
by Bill Kovacs

SINTERHARD METAL FILLED 3D Printer Filaments for printing Industrial Stainless Steel and Aluminum parts similar to MIM Processes

We plan to produce ABS and PLA plastic filaments, mixed with either powdered 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum, for use in existing 3D filament printers.The 3D Printer will replace the Plastic Injection Molding Machine in the Metal Injection Molding [MIM] process, and later with Oxide and non-Oxide ceramic filled filaments in the Ceramic Injection Molding Process [CIM]. The MIM and CIM processes currently produce $1.6 Billion Dollars of intricate small industrial metal and ceramic parts

The Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments will enable people to print items that are furnace ready to debind and sinter into solid sintered metal objects. In selecting 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminum powders, we are starting with two of the most common metals that are in use making parts with the current industrial MIM process. They have a moderate sinter temperature [316 Stainless Steel ] and a low sinter temperature [Aluminum ] as a starting point. These metals cover a large range in commercial applications and are available in the fine mesh size we need to insure a high quality 3 D Printed part.
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Crowds Roar as 3D Printing Filament Goes Electric!

F-Electric, a highly-conductive plastic 3D printing filament, has just hit the market. This new functional 3D printing filament is courtesy of Seattle-based Functionalize and the vision of its creator, Mike Toutonghi. F-Electric is Functionalize’s first major contribution to the 3D printing world and it’s a pretty big one. This electric filament will allow users to print power connectors, buttons, and circuits embedded into their plastic models. It opens the door for a whole new world of innovation and creativity.
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3D Printed Chain Converts the Pebble Time into a Pocket Watch

Styles come and go…and come again and the pocket watch is no exception. There’s something about a pocket watch that is really appealing and whether it’s a statement of nostalgia or a response to an irritated wrist that makes it the timepiece of choice, there’s no need for it to be out of touch with technology.
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Pocket Watch Converter for the Pebble Time and other watches which use 20mm, 21mm or 22mm watch ba

View the download page!:
Challenge your 3D printer!!!

This design was designed specifically for the new Pebble Time smart watch (which uses 22mm watch bands so the design will also fit other watches that use 22mm watch bands) however I have now included versions in the download that will work with watches that use 21mm and 20mm bands as well so you can now convert any watch that uses 20mm, 21mm or 22mm watch bands into a stylish retro pocket watch hanging from a stylish fascinating chain that is 3D printed fully assembled so no assembly is required (apart from the installation of a small 3d printed spring for the quick attach/release system). Make sure you print the files corresponding to the band size of the watch you want to convert.

The functions and set up of this accessory are shown clearly in the YouTube video.
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GRANULAT – Extruder/Hotend – GEH 2.0

Nach der veröffentlichung unseres GRANULAT-EXTRUDER/HOTENDS GEH1.0, haben wir auch einige Verbesserungs-Tipps erhalten die wir sofort umsetzen wollten und daraus entstand nun die Version – GEH2.0.
Der GEH2.0 ist …
– nicht mehr so hoch
– ist leichter
– kleiner
– kann größere Granulat-Partikel fördern
– und wird durch einen Einfüllstutzen gefüllt, damit unendlich großer Auffülltank denkbar.
Für alle Förderer unseres GEH-Projektes gilt wie versprochen:
Mehr Informationen unter
(Quelle: Youtube)

Solderdoodle Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool Launches on Kickstarter

Isaac Porras grew up in San Jose, California and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from San Jose State University.
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Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool
by Isaac Porras

New hot knife, needle, and scooper attachments to remove 3D Print defects! Recharge from a USB port! Replaceable tips. Easy-to-use!

What is a Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool?

This campaign introduces new attachments for a hot knife, needle, and scooper for Solderdoodle Pro, which converts it in to a portable, cordless, USB rechargeable 3D print finishing tool. Solderdoodle Pro was originally a portable soldering iron with the ability to last at full power for over a half hour above 800ºF, over 2 hours above 500ºF, and charge from a USB port. Below is a link for my original Open Source Hardware Solderdoodle Kickstarter project:
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Functionalize Now Shipping Conductive F-Electric 3D Printing Filament

Mike Toutonghi was working on a school project with his son when it struck him that there might be a better way to make a structural and electronic part. The pair’s work on an electromagnetic rocket compelled the computer software industry vet to form his company, Functionalize. When a long session of soldering the electronics for the rocket during the design and prototype process was finally over, Toutonghi looked to 3D printing to solve the tedious problem.
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„The Diamond Hotend,“ for Multi-color & Multi-material 3D Printing, Offered by Denmark’s

While everyone would agree that a 3D printer that prints in multi-color as well as multi-materials is something we would all shoot for on our list of ‘wants,’ historically it has had to stay in that fantasy category for many because quite simply the fancy printers offering features such as being able to print in an array of materials are just too cost-prohibitive.
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The Diamond Hotend – Single nozzle multi-color 3D printing

An affordable single nozzle hotend that provides a faster, easier and more precise method of color 3D printing

Reliable multi-color and multi-material 3D printing

At we are constantly thinking about how we can improve 3D printers and 3D printing technologies. As we see it, the next step for 3D printers is reliable multi-color and multi material printing.
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