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A Look at Metal 3D Printing and the Medical Implants Industry

The medical applications of additive layer manufacturing (ALM) are continuously increasing. “Digital Healthcare” makes breakthrough achievements and “3D scan-to-parts” will sooner or later become a routine. Relying on medical scanning & imaging technologies (CT, MRI, and ultrasound), this new approach to healthcare offers more affordable and effective solutions, which are already on the way to alter existing supply chains.
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ProX™ 100 Dental

Production 3D Printer Produce metal dental prostheses faster than ever

The ProX™ 100 Dental system enables you to use Direct Metal Printing (DMP) to produce high-quality, metal dental prostheses, which can be directly used by dental laboratories. Supporting certified Ni-free CoCr materials for dental use, the ProX 100 Dental system is a perfect starting point for clients wishing to quickly manufacture small, complex dental prostheses. To streamline your workflow, the ProX 100 Dental also includes a high-performance software solution for managing the manufacure of fixed and removable dental prostheses. This seamless, intuitive interface quickly guides you from dental file import to the creation of manufacturing files.
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Mrz 12, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Metalldrucker

3D Printing Titanium & the Bin of Broken Dreams (Part 3)

While I was in Cincinnati, I visited MicroTek Finishing — a major player in the metal 3D printing world. While there, I spoke with Tim Bell, who related an anecdote about his time at Morris Technologies, the aerospace 3D printing giant that was acquired by GE in 2012. Tim was a product development leader at Morris, and he talked of a large bin that they had in their shop. It was called the “Bin of Broken Dreams”, and into it went an endless stream of failed parts.
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Mrz 11, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Metalldrucker

3D Printing Titanium & the Bin of Broken Dreams (Part 2)

My prototyping partner, DRT Medical— Morris, prints titanium parts on an EOS M280 — the workhorse metal 3D printing machine for American job shops. Based on my research, EOS’s market penetration outmatches each of their competitors by five to one. As of November 2014, EOS only lists eighteen service-ready M280s in the US, but their data is clearly incomplete; I wouldn’t be surprised if the real number was triple that. Moreover, the vast majority of DMLS machines are purchased by OEMs, who use them for internal capacity only, and my suspicion is that the proportion of EOS machines behind closed doors is similarly large.
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Exerial 3D Printing System: Industrial 3D Printing Batches — Faster, Better, Simultaneously — from ExOne

ExOne is a leader in revolutionizing 3D printing for the industrial front. While their momentum has never stopped and just seems to be gaining strength, their goals have far surpassed the simple introduction and integration of 3D printing into the industrial world they cater to. For some time now, ExOne has simply been busy outdoing themselves, and it seems that isn’t changing anytime soon.
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NanoSteel Continues to Improve Powder Portfolio for Metal 3D Printing

NanoSteel is in the business of leading the steel industry in nanostructures for steel material design. After many dedicated years, NanoSteel has taken risks with innovation that have paid off. Due to their willingness to embrace progress, they have achieved success and made breakthroughs regarding nanostructures in steel benefitting industries such as automotive, oil and gas, mining and power, and more.
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