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Tinkers Store Offers Ground, Recycled Computer Parts at $4.99/lb for Making 3D Printing Filament

The world of progress, technology, and being as green as possible are all becoming much more entwined these days. Although it’s not always easy to see—or facilitate–from a provincial standpoint, as a worldwide whole the making community is concerned about the footprint we leave behind, and making a concerted effort to leave less waste in the trash. If plastic waste can go right back into the 3D printer, why not?
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3D Printing with Sustainable Filaments in Mind

Why 3D print circularly?
I love shooting pictures. This summer, I went to Amsterdam with a friend to do a photo shoot. We always decide to make pictures based on a specific subject or theme. There is always a good subject to select around the beautiful canals in the center of Amsterdam. However, it struck me to see that every two or three steps (yes!), you’ll observe litter on the street! Seeing = shooting, so a small personal impression is shown in figure 1 below, but believe me I have a lot more!
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Mrz 16, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Recycling

New & Improved Recycling Standards for the 3D Printing Era

The Pearce Research Group at Michigan Tech has made yet another significant step in making 3D printing a more sustainable practice. Though the university lab has made a good deal of progress in developing low-cost 3D printing hardware – including a plastic-recycling filament extruder, a solar-powered 3D printer, and a sub-$2,000 metal 3D printer – some of its most important contributions to the sustainability movement lay in research and standards.
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InnoCircle develops 3D printing filament from recycled materials

InnoCircle, a joint project between Dutch filament manufacturer Innofil3D and CiorC, is the latest development in the sustainable 3D printing market. The companies have created a line of unique monofilaments made from recycled ABS car parts and PET water bottles that complete two separate sustainability ‘loops’ within the plastic product manufacturing industries, thereby reducing waste and contributing to a more ecologically-friendly environment.
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Feb 26, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Recycling

Stratasys Recycling Program Good for Our Customers’ Business and the Environment

Stratasys recently announced its new recycling program, which offers our North American customers the ability to recycle their FDM canisters and PolyJet cartridges free of charge.
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Stratasys Recycling

Stratasys’ North America customers can now recycle Stratasys material waste quicker and easier than ever before. Our Recycling Program helps you avoid logistical headaches, reduce waste, save space and eliminate shipping costs. And by recycling you also support people with disabilities in our community.
To start recycling today simply go to our webpage (­cling-center).
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Recycle Old 3D Prints with the Cruncher

After successfully launching two different iterations of their DIY filament extruder, ExtrusionBot has hit Kickstarter again with another 3D printing accessory that can help reduce filament wastes and costs. The ExtrusionBot Cruncher is a desktop device for recycling old 3D prints into fine plastic to be extruded with the ExtrusionBot EB2 into useable filament.
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Oh the possibilites!
Watch as the CRUNCHER from ExtrusionBot grinds up old 3D prints and water bottles to be reused!
Support us on Kickstarter
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Reduce and Reuse: ExtrusionBot’s „Cruncher“ Recycles and Pelletizes 3D Printing Filament Waste

ExtrusionBot is in the business of supplying 3D printing enthusiasts with materials. Breaking into the 3D printing industry with their specialized ExtrusionBot filament extruder that can be used with any desktop 3D printer, the new — and highly popular — company is keeping forward momentum with innovations for user filament production, and always leaving a smaller footprint.
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The CRUNCHER Kickstarter Campaign

The 3D printing industry has long-awaited a fully motorized 3D print reclaimer that could break down failed 3D prints into reusable material.

With that in mind, ExtrusionBot introduces our new and fully motorized 3D print recycler, “The Cruncher” – an industry first!

The Cruncher can be used in conjunction with the ExtrusionBot EB2 filament extruder or independently.
The Cruncher is much more than just a print shredder. It is a true, miniaturized pelletizer. The internal classifier screen of The Cruncher ensures the total uniformity of crunched material as it is processed. This uniformed mixture provides more consistent sized pellets to your filament extrusion machine. Additionally, finer and more complex mixture ratios can be achieved using our 3D print recycler.
Visit our Kickstarter campaign to learn more and show your support!…
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