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Dez 19, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, Recycling

Recycling at the Heart of Bolivian Student’s 3D Printer

3D printing has the potential to change the way that consumers acquire and dispose of goods, hinting at a future in which people produce many of the items they use on a home 3D printer using materials recycled from old products. With this ethos at the heart of many Makers’ 3D printing projects, it’s no wonder that people like Afate Gnikou of Togo and Gelstronic of… Instructables have cobbled together their own 3D printers using recycled parts. Continuing the eco-friendly trend is Paulo Loma of Bolivia.
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ProtoCycler Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Desktop Filament Recycling Machine

In hearing so much about 3D printers as the wave of the future in manufacturing, we have come to expect the technology to be paired up with terms such as sustainability, environmentally friendliness, and you also hear ‘less waste’ quite often. Many 3D printing enthusiasts quickly find though that while they feel like the sky is the limit with 3D printing, that can be hampered somewhat by the costs involved with purchasing filament. The plastic waste also has the potential to pile up in your work area if you are busy working on many projects and prototypes.
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Filament By Filacycle Is 100% Recycled!

Recycled filament is becoming a more and more common feature among FDM 3D printer feedstock producers. A newer addition to the growing list of businesses that are retailing reycled filaments is Fila-cycle by Objectform. Fila-cycle is currently offering a number of recycled feedstock: 100% Recycled ABS Filament; 100% Recycled ABS Pellets; 100% Recycled HIPS Filament; and 100% Recycled HIPS pellets. And there are more sustainably sourced feedstock to come from the brand. Probably including the term ‘100%.’ And when it comes to recyling, that can surely only be a good thing!
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Google Ara Innovator Offers $10,000 for 3D Print Recycling Machines

Dave Hakkens has a problem. That’s something of a statement for a solution solver such as himself. Afterall, it was Dave that came up with the idea of a modular smartphone system to cut down on waste, known as Phonebloks. Phonebloks was bought by Vodaphone. Vodaphone was bought by Google.
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€10.000 for open source development

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Bolivian student designs and builds a 3D printer that uses PET bottles as filament

Building your own 3D printer? For many of us, that would mean ordering a number of parts online and assembling them RepRap style. The more experienced engineers among us might take a more original route than that, but the Maker community still overwhelmingly relies on the web’s ability to find and transport perfect parts to our home in matter of days.
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EnyeTech’s iPET Project Wants to Change the World with Fully Recycled PET Filament

PET, Polyethylene terephthalate, is gathering a lot of attention in the 3D printing industry as it can offer the ease of use of PLA coupled with the strength of ABS. However PET filament is currently not made from recycled plastic and since PET is one of the most used types of plastic in the world, effectively recycling it into fully functional 3D printing material would solve a lot of problems.
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UAE Recycling Pioneer Goes Extra “Green” with 3D Printing for Functional Prototype Testing

Recycle Beacon Fz LLC, a UAE-based company developing advanced innovative solutions in the recycling and waste management field, is practicing what they preach by turning to 3D printing technology to quickly and accurately create an optimized physical prototype model of their “Smart City Sensor” – an ingenious device that has the potential to monitor recycling behavior, and provide real feedback and analytics to municipalities and waste management companies. It’s an integral part of Recycle Beacon’s “Smart Cities Smart Recycling” community platform that the company has conceived to take community recycling to a new level.
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The Luckiest Place on Earth Forged with Metal 3D Printing

Renishaw, the UK’s only metal 3D printer manufacturer, has participated in a project to bring both a tiny bit of luck and generosity to the world. Working with Folkestone-based visual and public arts company, Strange Cargo, Renishaw 3D printed a metal sculpture meant to act as a luck and wish recycling point for the Folkestone Triennial arts festival, running from August 30 to November 2.
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