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Continued Evolution and the Role of 3D Bioprinting

The technology of bioprinting could have as transformative a potential for near future human society as the wheel did for ancient logistics, and the Archimedes screw for farming. Last year, researchers at Princeton University created a functional ear using a modified USD$1,000 ink-jet printer, augmented with the potential to hear radio frequencies far beyond the range of normal human capability, as the tissue was combined with electronics as it was grown. Now, bioprinting pioneers Organovo have announced that they will produce the world’s first functioning human ’3D organ’ this year.
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RBCC partner n3D develops new magnetic 3D Bioprinting

Rainbow Coral Corp (OTCBB: RBCC) announces today its joint venture partner, Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), has developed the first commercially available 3D bio printer designed for high throughput and high-content drug screening.

3D bioprinting is the process of fabricating biological constructs, typically by dispensing cells on a biocompatible scaffold using a successive layer-by-layer approach in much the same way that a 3-D printer operates. This process can generate tissue-like 3-D structures that are highly useful for clinical testing, assays and experimentation, but the precarious viability of these constructs, combined with their extreme cost, have been a major barrier to widespread adoption of the technology.
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Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals

By 2050, it will take 100 billion land animals to provide the world’s population with meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods. Maintaining this herd will take a huge, potentially unsustainable toll on the planet. What if there were a different way? In this eye-opening talk, tissue engineering advocate Andras Forgacs argues that biofabricating meat and leather is a civilized way to move past killing animals for hamburgers and handbags.
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regenHU – Instruments and Solutions – 3d Bio-printers and biomaterials

regenHU is an innovative biomedical company located in Switzerland.

regenHU acts as a biosystem architect exploiting new biomanufacturing solutions in order to respond to the emerging challenges facing the biomedical industry.

regenHU benefits from exclusive patented technologies resulting from many years of research within international universities and partners.

Create tissue and organ models with BioInk ®, our biomaterials supporting cellular growth, in combination with our BioFactory ® 3D bio-printers to generate three-dimensional constructs of cells, proteins, and extracellular matrix components. Create complex organ models for automated tissue-based in vitro assays for clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, and drug toxicity and complex in vitro models of human diseases.

To find out more about regenHU… www.regenHU.com

Videos extracts 8.01.2013, TV SHOW „Einstein“, Innovation in Skin printing
(Quelle: Youtube / Marc Thurner)


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