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Apr 22, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Everyone Gets to Live In a Penthouse with This 3D Printed Rotating Building Concept

One of the primary functions of science fiction, beyond being cool, is using the fantastic worlds being created to subtly critique the ills of today by envisioning the problems of tomorrow. Extreme division of classes is one of the more popular tropes of the genre, and they are often populated with over-crowded mega-cities where the wealthy live literally at the top while the poor toil in the shadows of the massive urban sprawl.
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3D Hubs Teams with Sketchfab To Launch Full Color 3D Printing Worldwide For Up To 300,000 Designs

This week I’m in New York City, covering the Inside 3D Printing Conference and the other events which are part of MecklerMedia’s 3D Print Week NY. It was almost a year ago to the date that I first met the co-founders of 3D Hubs at this exact event, when they introduced their 3D printing platform via the Inside 3D Printing Start-up Competition. I remember thinking to myself, “What a tremendous idea these guys have come up with, allowing anyone who doesn’t own a 3D printer to basically rent time on 3D printers that are sitting idle in their area.”
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Apr 7, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Vom Kopf in die Realität

Isabelle Vloemans: Das ‹Tec Lab› entstand vor zwei Jahren auf dem Höhepunkt des Hypes rund um das 3D-Drucken. 3D-Drucker sind mittlerweile «normal» – wie bleibt das ‹Tec Lab› vorne dabei, wenn es im Design um digitale Fabrikation geht?
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3D Druck Kunst auf der 3D Printshow Berlin 2015

Dieses Jahr war die ursprünglich aus London stammende 3D Printshow zum ersten Mal in Berlin und es gab dort eine extra Abteilung für 3D Druck Kunst. Die meisten der 3D Druck Kunstwerke in der abgetrennten Sektion trug, in Form von komplex verästelten Objekten, die den Kunstwerken auf der Euromold 2014 ähnelten, der Hauptsponsor Stratasys bei. Das ist das offizielle Poster der Kunstaustellung der 3D Printshow in Berlin 2015.
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Mrz 30, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

UK Artist Michael Winstone Speaks About the 3D Printing Enhanced Workflow

Based in East Sussex, UK, Michael Winstone is one of the most experienced artists who has adopted 3D printing in his creative workflow. I recently had a chance to meet him and, after having seen some of his amazing works, I took the opportunity to ask him about how that creative workflow has changed with the greater availability of 3D modelling and 3D printing technologies.
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Ask a 3D Designer: Repairing Multishell with 3DS Max

Sculpteo has online hollowing tools which will empty out excess material from the inside of your 3D prints – these can only work effectively if the model is a singular shell.

In this webinar we take a 3D model that you (our viewers) sent to ask3D@sculpteo.com and corrected it such that it could be hollowed effectively.

Keep in mind that we also have online repair tools which can fix a lot of the problems with a 3D model automatically (such that you wouldn’t need 3DS Max). That being said, you have a bit more control when using your own program.
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New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

For those who are interested in 3d printing but don’t have access to CAD tools, creating their own custom content for their 3d printer can be a challenge. While services such as Thingiverse and Shapeways offer pre-made objects, many are left wanting to create their own at some point or another and are simply just lacking the right tools to do so.
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