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Lego X — 3D Print & Save Your Lego Creations the Way You Intended Them to Be

Growing up I probably had about 3,000 Lego bricks. When my parents bought me a new set, I wouldn’t keep all the Legos of that set together, and instead I would combine them with the thousands that I already had. Although it made it nearly impossible to find the bricks needed to create the objects which that particular set was for, I didn’t care.
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Lego X

Lego X from Lego X on Vimeo.

With Lego X, you just use Lego bricks to create digital models without ever touching a computer software.
If you can use Lego, you can create 3d models and print them or share them online.
Music: Balmorhea – Attesa (Nils Frahm Rework) soundcloud.com/western_vinyl/attesa-nils-frahm-rework
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Dizingof’s Random Infinite Pattern and Klein Bottle Highlight 3D Printing’s Creative Explosion

Does anyone know any artists not hip to the 3D printing scene yet? I do. Several, in fact. I just love getting to be the one to describe to an artist the design possibilities inherent in the technology. I also explain that it’s not that past artists and artisans haven’t dazzled us with pattern complexity. What’s changed is the pace with which design intricacy can be achieved: what took countless hours can be achieved in much less time thanks to 3D printing. Artisan purists can argue that much has been lost for art in the “age of mechanical reproduction.” But I beckon them to try 3D printing out before they make any final decisions. Or at least check out some of the new designs people are coming up with, like the work of artist Dizingof, and his patterns and 3D printed bottle design.
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Create Your Minis rasing funds for customized 3D printed figurines on Kickstarter

Create Your Minis is a project that allows you to design your own 28/32mm (scale 1:56)miniatures. You are able to design your model by choosing stance, clothes and weapons etc and visualize your figurine in 3D. The company, Create Your Minis team based in France, will print it out and send to you.
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Create Your Minis -3D printed miniatures
by Create Your Minis

Design exactly the miniature you want on our website by selecting its equipment and pose, it will be 3D printed and sent to you!

About this project

Createyourminis is about letting you design through our website your own 28/32mm miniatures (1:56 precisely, for example the miniature of a 1.80m tall human will be 1800/56=32mm high). You choose the type of model you want, like man or woman, then select the clothes, the weapon, the equipment. Once you are done, you choose how the weapon is held then select a pose among the compatible poses.
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Dez 15, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Charleston, WV’s 3D Printed Holiday Ornaments Raise Awareness About Local Charities and 3D Printing

Charleston, West Virginia has an interesting history caught up in the throes of the Civil War and its aftermath. And it looks like it has a brighter economic future since it is leading the state and region in 3D printing and additive manufacturing initiatives. In an effort to highlight the region’s embracing of 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities, a local flexible manufacturing institute has teamed up with the local newspaper and charities to raise money by selling a 3D printed holiday ornament featuring the iconic capitol building’s gold dome.
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3D Printed Lighted Globe Uses Stereographic Projection to Cast Incredible Patterns

Surely one of the central goals of the maker movement is to encourage a return to self-reliance, something that we all sacrificed to an extent with the industrial and technological revolutions. Somebody else makes it, delivers it, and repairs it — and we find ourselves completely outside of the “How does it work?” loop. Not so with the DIY and maker movement and with the growing accessibility of 3D printing! In many ways, we’ve gone back to the drawing board. In the case of maker and 3D printing enthusiast Jason Cole, the drawing board is at least a few thousand years old.
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Students Submit Incredible 3D Printed Designs for Astronauts in Space

Space travel is such a fascinating concept to grasp. Ever since man stepped foot on the moon back in 1969, there has been growing talk of what the next human conquest will be. Many feel as though Mars should be the next endeavor taken on by man, but in order to do so, our technology will need to continue advancing at the same fast pace that we have been seeing.
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19th Century Japanese woodblock drawings given 3D shape at Tokyo Designers Week 2014

It goes without saying that 3D printing technology is an amazing creative outlet for any modern artists, though it might take a while before its reputation matches that of paintbrushes and chisels. But who says that 3D printed art has to be (post)modern and revolutionary. Sometimes reaching back to the artistic giants of our past can lead to as, or even more, beautiful results.
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For 3D Printed Ceramics Designer Alice Le Biez, Materials Matter

With art, perception is everything and, when it comes to 3D printing arts and crafts, people’s perceptions can often be rather unfavorable. 3D printing can be thought of as cheating or cutting corners. Perhaps on the surface having a robot do the labor intensive part of manufacturing may seem to support that. But what of the artistry involved on designing on a computer? The same artistic choices are made. The same eye for design is required. Does an artist’s vision diminish based on the tool used to create it?
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Simplygon Launches Cloud-Based 3D Asset Optimization Platform

The new platform called Simplygon Cloud will allow users to access the powerful Simplygon 3D model and digital content optimizer on any device with an internet connection. The platform will have a free tier that grants users a set amount of no cost access with higher levels of access to the program requiring monthly subscriptions.
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Try Simplygon Cloud

Discover Simplygon Cloud and its main features in this video. You can learn more about Simplygon at https://www.simplygon.com.
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