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Former AutoDesk Team Launches Beta Testing for Intuitive Design Software: UMake

It’s not always easy to communicate new concepts to others, and often it’s challenging just to translate them from brain to paper — or design software. While often our minds get into a rut just trying to think up new ideas, sometimes getting them out and into development is even more difficult. The tools developed to help us with the fluid expression of explaining concepts sometimes reach a rut too. Times change, products evolve, and new teams with new design apps like UMake come along to accentuate and improve on historical design tools like AutoCAD.
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UMake – Your Ideas in 3D

It’s time for you to express your ideas easily and intuitively.
UMake is the next generation of design tools.
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Nov 6, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Software

SketchUp 2015: Trimble Releases Second Update This Year, Sharpening Tools for 3D Designers

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application that in its versatility is able to appeal to a wide variety of 3D designers, from mechanical engineers to artists and moviemakers. Many users do their homework in selecting a 3D design app, and choose SketchUp because it allows flexibility to work in so many different capacities, as well as being user-friendly enough to appeal to young students, while still fulfilling design needs for experienced and discerning 3D designers.
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Designer & former college professor turns his 3D printing hobby into a successful business

Who hasn’t felt that entrepreneurial sensation when successfully 3D printing a design of your own creation? „Maybe I should start a business and sell these online!“ Whatever it is, from a pencil case, a die or a 3D printed animal, there is something about 3D printing objects that really speaks to your business sensibilities. After all – provided you designed it yourself – it is unique, inexpensive and fun. Why wouldn’t people be interested?
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Waganari Melds Art and Technology with Dark, Ethereal 3D Printed Wire Sculptures

What an artist creates is a bundle of complexity, all sealed in one: a process, an expression of emotion, sometimes compulsive, repulsive — or breathtaking with its beauty. Most often, the artist is telling you a story, no matter the medium or the tool. Whether for noble, selfish, playful, or unknown reasons, the artist shares with you — and sometimes even invites you to interact with these creations.
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Pro 3D Modeler Phil Nolan Turns to Shapeways for IRL Expression

If you are a 3D modeler, working in the entertainment or in the manufacturing industry, modeling objects is becoming more and more of an opportunity for additional earning but, even more importantly, it is a great way to express your creative talent and stand out by embracing new technologies. We recently covered Paul Liaw’s new Shapeways store, now here are Phil Nolan’s latest 3D printable sculptures, once again on a Shapeways store.
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Stratasys Brings Together 5 World-Renowned Designers at ACADIA Conference

When the same conference is hosting some of the most renowned and respected personalities in fields as diverse as architecture, gaming design and making you know something important is going to come out of it. In the era of multi-material 3D printing this no longer means just ideas and visions but actual, tangible objects set to lead the way to the future of design (intended as the ability to create new things). These are the focus of a collaboration between Stratasys and five world renowned designers.
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