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Nov 18, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Cokreeate Opens 3D Printing Store in L.A.

The Los Angeles based 3D printing and 3D scanning company held the grand opening for its new Alhambra retail storefront last weekend. The store opening featured several working BucoBot and Bukito 3D printers pumping out keychains, rings and pins for the opening day visitors.
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CoKreeate: From Larry King, to Mini Me, Kat Bailess & More – Company Launches First Retail Store This Week

I was introduced to a company called CoKreeate back in February when I did a story covering the first ever 3D printed comic book cover, which the company created for former professional wrestler ‘Brimstone’. I was fascinated by the incredible detail in which the company was able to take a normal 2-dimensional piece of artwork, and transform it into a 3D printed masterpiece.
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Okt 13, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3Dee opens its 2nd 3D printing store in Budapest

On Friday the 10th of October, the 3dee store opened its second store in Budapest.

The 3dee store is founded by two young brothers, Marton and Gabor Klauser. Last year October the 3dee store opened its doors to business in Vienna, Austria. Their shop is 40m2 / 430 sq ft and located in one of the biggest shopping street in Vienna.
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iGo3D opening 2nd & 3rd 3D printing store in Stuttgart and Frankfurt

Last Thursday (Oct.9, 2014) iGo3D, the first 3D printer store in Germany opened its first retail store for 3d printing in Stuttgart city center. The 71 square meters space is filled with 3D Printers from Ultimaker, Builder, Be3D, Felix and Beeverycreative. iGo3D offers visitors to the new shopping center ‚Milaneo‘ the whole range of digital manufacturing experience.
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