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Stronger, More Colorful Prototypes, End Use Parts with New 3D Printing Materials

Color ASA Thermoplastics allow you to bypass further painting or finishing steps, saving time and money

Endur Digital Materials are ideal for challenging geometries and repetitive testing – produce durable prototypes with thin walls, living hinges, snap-fits and moving or assembled parts

Stratasys’ tenacious new 3D printing materials allow you to produce more durable prototypes for repetitive testing and tough, color-matched assembly tools as well as end use parts more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional manufacturing technologies.
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Jan 13, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

UK’s Glass Technology Services Participates in UK Funding Program to Explore 3D Printing with Glass & Metal

Anyone who reads or watches the news is becoming increasingly aware that the possibilities with 3D printing are staggering, seemingly infinite. It’s also clear that 3D printing has all but cemented itself in the medical sector these days, allowing medical professionals to use the technology to 3D print models for training, diagnostics, and more, along with manufacturing implants, prosthetics and stents.
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E-Appliance: EnvisionTEC Announces Release of New 3D Printing Material for Orthodontics

Lately 3D printing and the dental industry go together like peanut butter and jelly—and with strides being made one after another for 3D printing technology and materials in areas like dentures, different orthodontics, surgical procedures, and implants, you can be assured with innovations for the dental field, your dentist will be working to ensure that you can enjoy those peanut butter and jelly crackers, sandwiches, and much more exciting fare for a long time to come—as well as pleasing us all with your dazzling smile.
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3D Printing Materials Market to Surpass $1 Billion Within 5 Years

Leading market report publisher MartketsandMarkets is reporting that the 3D printing materials sector is going to reach $1.052 billion in global turnover by 2019. The report, which is available for $4,650 as a single user licence and $ 7,150 for a corporate license, splits materials up into categories such as Plastics (photopolymers, ABS, PLA, Nylon and more), Metals (Steel, Silver, Aluminum etc.), Ceramics (Glass, Silica, Quartz and others), as well as other materials such as Wax, Laywood and other compound hybrids, and analyzes the distribution market by global regions and trends.
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KeyTech Introducing First Certified Food Safe, Stronger PLA

Along with being a sustainable, biocompatible and compostable material, the trait that makes PLA so widely used in 3D printing is its high versatility and that is nothing new. On the downside, PLA is generally brittle and not very impact resistant. Italian filament producer KeyTech has set out to improve PLA, making it comparable to ABS in terms of heat and impact resistance and even superior in terms of flexural strength (as per the data sheet below). To top it all of the new PLA LAYER has been certified for food consumption, the first PLA filament to have done so.
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Rubber3DPrinting’s Conductive TPU Filament Has Incredible Potential for Robotics, Prostheses, & More

Material choices continue to expand within the 3D printing space. We now have metal-like filaments, wood-like filaments, filaments with carbon fiber in them, and more. One filament option which is not all that common, due to the difficulty that companies have in manufacturing it, is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU, however, is really being used more and more by owners of 3D printers due to its flexibility. We’ve seen it used to create a myriad of different 3D printed products which were almost impossible just a couple years ago.
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Dez 5, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3NTR Wants You to Take a PEEK at Their Progress

Ever since he first launched his two 3D printer models, Davide Ardizzola, founder of 3NTR, has focused on the professional applications for his heavy duty systems. The A2 and A4 models are extremely sturdy, enclosed, full metal FFF 3D Printers, based on the over 50 years experience of the mother company Jdeal-Form (which makes components for bras) in polymer use and applications.
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