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Mai 27, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Justification Strategies for 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is taking the industrial world by storm. While the technology has been around for over 20 years it’s just beginning to make a real impact in a wide range of industries. With the ability to turn a prototype or end-use product around in a matter of hours or slash materials costs, 3D printing is becoming an essential product development technology.
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Additive Wire-Laying Machine, Could be Perfect for Integrated 3D Circuit Printing

One of the advancements within the 3D Printing space, which could really expand on the applicable uses of the technology, is the 3D printing of circuits and wiring. Such technology, once perfected, would enable manufacturers and hobbyists alike to 3D print electronics in a single sitting. Imagine a remote control call in which the wiring and circuitry are all printed into the device, without the need for assembly. This could one day, in the not too distant future, be a real possibility.
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Additive Wire Laying with Machinekit

Usage of the additive manufacturing to place wires/tubes onto and into products
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Computer-Simulation optimiert generative Fertigungsverfahren

Internationales Symposium der Uni Bremen am 27. und 28. Mai 2014 zu “Materials Science and Technology of Additive Manufacturing”

Sie wünschen sich einen neuen Schlüsselanhänger? Oder benötigen ein Ersatzteil für Ihren Oldtimer? Warum nicht einfach am Rechner entwerfen und dann ausdrucken? Generative Fertigungsverfahren, auch 3D-Druck genannt, erlauben die Herstellung individueller Bauteile ohne die Anfertigung spezieller Werkzeuge.
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Sculptify’s 3D Printer, Including FLEX Pellet Printing Technology, Launches on Kickstarter Soon

Kickstarter has been a great way for 3D printer manufacturers to get off the ground. We have seen so many 3D printers launch crowdfunding campaigns in the past few months, that we can’t even count how many have been successfully funded.
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3D Printing Directly With Plastic Pellets

Learn more: http://www.sculptify.com

Slade Simpson, CEO and Design Engineer at Sculptify presents the company’s progress on developing a more capable desktop 3D printer that can print directly with plastic pellets.

3D printing with plastic pellets offers important benefits and advantages that are not available with current filament offerings:

1. They are readily available in hundreds of new materials.
This opens the door to a whole spectrum of new and interesting materials, each with their own unique properties. Some are rigid and incredibly durable, others are soft to the touch and extremely flexible. The result is the ability to print with greater flexibility.

2. Plastic pellets are easy to use with the Sculptify 3D printer.
If you can load a coffee maker, you can print with pellets in the Sculptify 3D printer. Pellets are loaded into the top, and ready to print in no time.

3. They are the most cost effective form of plastic.
Since pellets do not need to be optimized for a spool, multiple manufacturing and engineering steps can be removed. This saves a lot money, and the cost savings can be passed directly to the customer.

Flexible 3D Printed TPU Samples

Slade Simpson, CEO and Design Engineer at Sculptify demonstrates samples made from TPU pellets, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane by the Sculptify 3D printer prototype.

About Thermoplastic Polyurethane:

TPU is an elastomer, which means it offers the 3D printing community the capability to create objects similar to common rubber. TPU is soft, flexible and super durable. It is commonly used to make sporting goods, footwear and device cases.

3D Printed TPU samples in this video include:

1. Simple Gasket
2. Tool Grip
3. Bottle Opener
4. Flexible Fabric
5. RC Tire

Sculptify is an American desktop 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in late Q2 of 2014.

(Quelle: Youtube / Sculptify)

Mai 15, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3D Systems’ Founder Chuck Hull Nominated By European Patent Office for 2014 Award

– Hull recognized by the European Patent Office for his groundbreaking invention of the original 3D printing technology Stereolithography (SLA®)

– EPO people’s choice award voting now active through June 10, 2014

– Inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his globally impactful and transformative work inventing and pioneering 3D printing

ROCK HILL, South Carolina –May 15, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) today announced that Chuck Hull, the inventor of 3D printing and founder of 3D Systems, has been nominated by the European Patent Office (EPO) for the 2014 European Inventor Award. As an American citizen, Hull is being recognized within the Non-European category as “an outstanding inventor working outside of Europe who has been granted a European patent.” Prolific in his work, Hull holds 76 US patents, and has an additional 18 European patents and 14 Japanese patents.
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Mai 12, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

MakerBot’s Unknown Invention is Uncovered: A 3D printer that switches build materials midprint

When it comes to 3D printing, one of the issues that many people face, is that they are bound by one build material or color per print. That is unless you want to manually switch out material while the printer is in the middle of printing. By no means is it impossible to do. For example, with the MakerBot Replicator and other 3D printers, you can pause the print, load in the new material, and then resume printing. However, this isn’t all that desirable, and it means that you must constantly be watching for the right time to switch materials.
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