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3D Printing Designer Creates Flexible Meso-Material Out of Rigid Filament

When it comes to 3D printing, there are many large scale 3D printers capable of printing in a multitude of different materials. These materials range from extremely flexible, to very sturdy and stiff. Even on desktop 3D printers, there are hard plastics and flexible plastics, each providing for different textures, feels and uses.
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Creadition’s Filamento 3D Printing Filament to Provide Premium Quality Due to Fine Raw Materials

It’s one thing to come up with a fantastic, innovative concept that you are able to create through digital design, tweaking here and there and refining until you have all the details just as you desire, and ready to head to the 3D printer. Some of the more tedious points that many of us don’t want to spend time on though, often, are thinking about issues that could arise in fabrication, and the multitude of different prices, levels of quality, and choices in material.
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Filamento – Next Generation in Premium 3D Printing Materials
by Michael X. Infante

Filamento is an evolution in 3D Printer materials, focused on quality, reliability and performance, it fuels imagination.

3D printing is a technology that shows great promise in both it’s ability to scale down the means of production and yet remain a cost effective choice for manufacturing of all kinds. Because this technology is still in its infancy, there is a huge opportunity to contribute to its development with innovation and quality that will set a new standard in the industry. We are Creadition, a company leading the way in materials development for 3D printing supplies.
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Airwolf 3D unveils Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution for optimal PLA 3D printing

Costa Mesa, Calif. based 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf 3D today announced Wolfbite Nano, a new solution specifically engineered to bond polylactic acid (PLA) plastic parts to a glass 3D printer build plate without lifting (warpage) and to enable smooth release of objects after printing.
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Wolfbite Nano for PLA

Wolfbite Nano is a premium solution specifically engineered to bond polylactic acid (PLA) plastic parts to a glass 3D printer build plate without lifting—also known in the industry as “warpage,”—and to enable smooth release of objects after printing. This new solution works well with heated and non-heated beds on all types and brands of the 3D printers utilizing glass printing surfaces.
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ColiDo Announces New Wood Composite PLA and ABS 3D Printer Filaments

It’s incredible what a difference a few years can make. Back when I initially was turned on to FDM/FFF 3D printing there were very few choices when it came to materials. Our choices were mainly PLA or ABS, along with a handful of colors. Fast forward a few years and it’s no wonder why the materials market for 3D printing is predicted to become a multi-million dollar industry all by its own.
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Stacker 3D now offers highly efficient HYBRID hot end for 3D printers

Remember the upcoming modular and multi-head Stacker 3D printer? When we first reported on it in February, things were already looking very promising. Not only would this 3D printer be very efficient and quick – in part for being able to 3D print up to four parts at once, it is also shaping up to be an excellent machine for working with composite filaments.
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HYBRID – A new kind of hot end!

HYBRID – A new kind of hot end! from STACKER on Vimeo.

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