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Materialise Announces New Aluminum Alloy 3D Printing Material as They Report Quarterly Earnings

Within the 3D printing space, materials really are everything. If we were only able to print using thermoplastics, the industry would never have taken off. Although thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites rule the consumer side of the market, it’s resins, metals, and metal alloys that are spawning the growth seen within the industrial side of the market.
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InnoCircle develops 3D printing filament from recycled materials

InnoCircle, a joint project between Dutch filament manufacturer Innofil3D and CiorC, is the latest development in the sustainable 3D printing market. The companies have created a line of unique monofilaments made from recycled ABS car parts and PET water bottles that complete two separate sustainability ‘loops’ within the plastic product manufacturing industries, thereby reducing waste and contributing to a more ecologically-friendly environment.
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Sample 3D Printing Filament Marketplace GlobalFSD Goes… Global

It just makes sense: if you love experimenting with 3D printing, you cannot possibly buy 750g or 1 Kg spools of every filament on the market. Especially considering the fact that new ones come out almost weekly. What you need is a service like the one now provided worldwide by Global Filament Sample Depot (GlobalFSD), a venture that UK filament distributor 3DFilaPrint established specifically to distribute small quantities (5 and 10 meters) of exotic filament
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Clean Your 3D Printed Form1+ Parts in the Loafinator

Christopher Barry is the founder, CEO and chief designer of Earborg, what he calls “a new way to listen and interact with the world in a compact, modular and extensible, secure and open, wearable audio platform designed to put the user fully in control.”
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diy ultrasonic/vibratory cleaner for form1 sla printer

diy ultrasonic/vibratory cleaner for form1 sla printer from c barry on Vimeo.

Behold the Loafinator!
Built from a Makita palm sander and two standard bread loaf baking pans. Using two-part urethane foam to hold it into the pan with three pieces, poured in place and separated during the pour with saran wrap. Top pan uses four bolts into bolt holes in sander pad with rubber and steel washers to seal it. Weatherstripping seals the plex to the top pan. Some static shots during the build on the Form1+ Forum here:
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3DPrintClean Enclosure Offers 2-Step Filtration to Clean Up 3D Printing Process, Enhance Performance

Now that 3D printing is becoming a more established technology rather than a shiny new unknown, certain realities are beginning to take center stage. Some are looking more at the design aspect, with intellectual property (IP) often at the forefront of increasing legal debate. On the hardware side of the 3D printing space are concerns about the actual process of additive manufacturing, including the effects the process has on the surrounding environment.
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The Virtual Foundry Launches Filamet, Metal Composite ABS and PLA 3D Printer Filaments

As we have stated time and time again, and recently backed up by a research report presented by SmarTech, the materials portion of the 3D printing industry is just as important as, if not more important than, that of the hardware and software side of things. Because of this, material scientists are working for some of the largest 3D printing companies on the planet, testing new formulas to present all sorts of amazing possibilities.
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Recycle Old 3D Prints with the Cruncher

After successfully launching two different iterations of their DIY filament extruder, ExtrusionBot has hit Kickstarter again with another 3D printing accessory that can help reduce filament wastes and costs. The ExtrusionBot Cruncher is a desktop device for recycling old 3D prints into fine plastic to be extruded with the ExtrusionBot EB2 into useable filament.
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Oh the possibilites!
Watch as the CRUNCHER from ExtrusionBot grinds up old 3D prints and water bottles to be reused!
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