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Bringing Industrial Manufacturing to the Desktop with New MoldLay 3D Printing Filament

he applications for 3D printing are limitless. Innovators are constantly coming up with new applications and designs for the technology; however, one of the main limitations to desktop FFF 3D printing’s use is often a filament’s material properties.
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lost wax casting with MOLDLAY 3d Filament

How to print a ancient chalice of tin with MOLDLAY ;
part of LAY-FILAMENTS by Kai Parthy
complete lost wax casting instruction with pictograms in 7 steps.

MOLDLAY is a wax-alike thermoplastic 3D printing filament, dedicated for two main casting methods:

A – lost mold ; lost wax casting
B – permanent mold casting

• super dimension stabil,
• stiff, rigid at room temperature
• near zero warp, printable without heated bed
• print at 170 – 180° C,
• heated bed max. 40°C,
• treat your mold at ~ 270°C , in an old baking oven only,
• the wax flows restless out the mold, similar as hot paraffin,

contact for dealers: kp@cc-products.de
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Prusa-Upgrade, Teil 1: Warm, vernetzt und Full Metal

Mit meinem Prusa i3 3D-Drucker bin ich eigentlich sehr zufrieden, denn er werkelt in der Bastelkammer mehr oder weniger zuverlässig vor sich hin. Leider produzieren aber gerade die Schrittmotoren mit ihrer „Musik“ eine ziemlich nervige Geräuschkulisse, die es mitunter schwer machen, konzentriert in der Werkstatt parallel Basteleien nachzugehen.
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Shapeways Rolls Out New Plated Precious Metal Materials

Shapeways is really becoming an incredibly useful ecommerce website. The ability for customers to customize items, pick between dozens of possible colors and materials, and find just the right product they’re looking for has helped the company grow rapidly over the last year. The materials side of their business can be credited for a large portion of this growth as the company seemingly rolls out new materials almost monthly.
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Precious Plated Metal 3D Printing from Shapeways: A Closer Look

Shapeways has introduced 14k & 18k gold, Rose Gold, and Rhodium Plated. They’re beautiful and I had to show off our launch models in this video!
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OmniDynamics’s Strooder Unveils New Details Including Method for Full-Color Filament Extrusion

Full-color 3D printing is something that has been being talked about for quite some time now, when it comes to desktop FFF-based printers. While there are a few 3D printers that claim to 3D print in full color, the availability and pricing at this time for such a machine is not exactly where most people would like to see it. Back in April, we reported on a company named OmniDynamics, and their new filament extruder, called the Strooder.
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