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FastBot’s BBP Controller Board Allows You to Upgrade Your 3D Printer & Print 4x Faster

While 3D printing is being hailed as ‘the next coming’ in manufacturing and design and much more, it’s also become somewhat infamous as a time-consuming practice, with more than a few snarky comments being made about how long it might take you to print, say, a plastic fork. The team at FastBot doesn’t want your 3D printer to be the butt of any more jokes — which is why they created the BBP controller board, just launched on Kickstarter with hopes to raise $10K by April 9.
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Canadian Engineer Uses a Nintendo Controller Hack to Run His 3D Printer

Jeff Payeur, an engineer from Montreal, Canada, is a fan of Pronterface, a versatile GUI to upload GCode and instruct 3D printers, but he’s not as enamored of using mouse clicks to manually control them.
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Nitendo nes remote for 3d printer

See https://sites.google.com/site/jfpayeur/main/nes-controller-for-reprap-via-pronterface for more details
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Stacker 3D now offers highly efficient HYBRID hot end for 3D printers

Remember the upcoming modular and multi-head Stacker 3D printer? When we first reported on it in February, things were already looking very promising. Not only would this 3D printer be very efficient and quick – in part for being able to 3D print up to four parts at once, it is also shaping up to be an excellent machine for working with composite filaments.
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HYBRID – A new kind of hot end!

HYBRID – A new kind of hot end! from STACKER on Vimeo.

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NanoSteel Continues to Improve Powder Portfolio for Metal 3D Printing

NanoSteel is in the business of leading the steel industry in nanostructures for steel material design. After many dedicated years, NanoSteel has taken risks with innovation that have paid off. Due to their willingness to embrace progress, they have achieved success and made breakthroughs regarding nanostructures in steel benefitting industries such as automotive, oil and gas, mining and power, and more.
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Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Z-Unlimited – Enables Your Ultimaker 3D Printer to Print With an Unlimited Z-Axis

If you recall back in August, we reported on an animal organization called ‘World Animal Protection‘ in the Netherlands. They had teamed with designer Joris van Tubergen to 3D print a life-sized elephant. To do so, they used five Ultimaker 3D printers, which Tubergen had modified in a very unique manner.
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Z-Unlimited add-on for Ultimaker
by rooie joris

The Z-Unlimited is an Ultimaker 3D printer add-on which convert your own trusty 3D printer into a printer with unlimited heights.


Ultimaker 3D printer add-on creates unlimited print length

Ever dreamed of printing larger objects with your own Ultimaker 3D printer? This is the Z-Unlimited. With this amazingly simple add-on you convert your own trusty Ultimaker into a 3D printer with an unlimited extended print-area in height.
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Alligator Board — Professional 3D Printer Control Board Launches on Indiegogo

In the last two to three years we have seen an explosion within the RepRap community with all sorts of new designs for 3D printable 3D printers. As the number of potential machines grow, nearly exponentially, so does the need for components for those printers.
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Alligator Board – Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

The Alligator Board is designed to be a complete and reliable solution as RepRap 3D printer electronic
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Clean Your 3D Printed Form1+ Parts in the Loafinator

Christopher Barry is the founder, CEO and chief designer of Earborg, what he calls “a new way to listen and interact with the world in a compact, modular and extensible, secure and open, wearable audio platform designed to put the user fully in control.”
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diy ultrasonic/vibratory cleaner for form1 sla printer

diy ultrasonic/vibratory cleaner for form1 sla printer from c barry on Vimeo.

Behold the Loafinator!
Built from a Makita palm sander and two standard bread loaf baking pans. Using two-part urethane foam to hold it into the pan with three pieces, poured in place and separated during the pour with saran wrap. Top pan uses four bolts into bolt holes in sander pad with rubber and steel washers to seal it. Weatherstripping seals the plex to the top pan. Some static shots during the build on the Form1+ Forum here:
(Quelle: Vimeo)

3DPrintClean Enclosure Offers 2-Step Filtration to Clean Up 3D Printing Process, Enhance Performance

Now that 3D printing is becoming a more established technology rather than a shiny new unknown, certain realities are beginning to take center stage. Some are looking more at the design aspect, with intellectual property (IP) often at the forefront of increasing legal debate. On the hardware side of the 3D printing space are concerns about the actual process of additive manufacturing, including the effects the process has on the surrounding environment.
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