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Now at Filimprimante3D: iglidur 3D Printing Filament Produces Friction-Free Bearings & Sliding Parts

Igus offers us a new twist in 3D printing filament, and it’s all about being quiet and smooth. With their new iglidur filament, not only are you able to produce industrial-grade components that slide smoothly, but it’s possible for some 3D printers, like the Velleman K8400, also to be made with the inclusion of components 3D printed with iglidur filament.
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iglidur Filament – Igus Tribo-Filament by Filimprimante3d.fr

Filimprimante3D.fr introduces iglidur filament for 3D printers
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Prusa-Upgrade, Teil 1: Warm, vernetzt und Full Metal

Mit meinem Prusa i3 3D-Drucker bin ich eigentlich sehr zufrieden, denn er werkelt in der Bastelkammer mehr oder weniger zuverlässig vor sich hin. Leider produzieren aber gerade die Schrittmotoren mit ihrer „Musik“ eine ziemlich nervige Geräuschkulisse, die es mitunter schwer machen, konzentriert in der Werkstatt parallel Basteleien nachzugehen.
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How It Is Made: 3D Printing Filament

Have you ever wondered how the filament for your 3D printer was made? We got a chance to go frolic in a warehouse where that exact thing was being done. While pretty much anyone who is familiar with 3D printing may know the basics, there are probably a point or two where they’ve got it wrong!
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We visited Makergeeks.com where 3d printer filament is being made. You can see the process in action in this video.
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PRINTinZ Printer Plate Announces New Formulation and Texture

The PRINTinZ Printer Plate – once known as the Ninja Printer Plate – was developed as an alternative to the standard print surfaces being used on consumer-level 3D printers. The fused filament printing process puts extreme demands on a print surface, and while there must be enough adhesion between the filament and build platform to prevent the print from lifting off as the material prints, the plate needs to be capable of allowing a finished print to be removed without causing damage.
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Airwolf 3D Releases WolfBox — Wireless Slicing and Control of Your Airwolf 3D Printer

If there is one trend we have been noticing as of late it has been the recent emergence of several different wireless control devices for 3D printers. We all know the importance of controlling a 3D printer on the go. Not everyone wants to sit around in their garage or office all day long managing their 3D printing projects. As competition heats up among the various consumer-level 3D printer manufacturers, we are seeing companies announcing features and hardware which can set their products apart from their competitors’.
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Reduce and Reuse: ExtrusionBot’s „Cruncher“ Recycles and Pelletizes 3D Printing Filament Waste

ExtrusionBot is in the business of supplying 3D printing enthusiasts with materials. Breaking into the 3D printing industry with their specialized ExtrusionBot filament extruder that can be used with any desktop 3D printer, the new — and highly popular — company is keeping forward momentum with innovations for user filament production, and always leaving a smaller footprint.
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The CRUNCHER Kickstarter Campaign

The 3D printing industry has long-awaited a fully motorized 3D print reclaimer that could break down failed 3D prints into reusable material.

With that in mind, ExtrusionBot introduces our new and fully motorized 3D print recycler, “The Cruncher” – an industry first!

The Cruncher can be used in conjunction with the ExtrusionBot EB2 filament extruder or independently.
The Cruncher is much more than just a print shredder. It is a true, miniaturized pelletizer. The internal classifier screen of The Cruncher ensures the total uniformity of crunched material as it is processed. This uniformed mixture provides more consistent sized pellets to your filament extrusion machine. Additionally, finer and more complex mixture ratios can be achieved using our 3D print recycler.
Visit our Kickstarter campaign to learn more and show your support!
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Dumpster-Diving DIYer Uses Salvaged Wi-Fi Router to Control His 3D Printer

When Floridian Matt Defenthaler bought a home 3D printer, he went with a kit rather than purchasing a fully assembled one. He ordered his Makerfarm i3v printer (I’m pretty sure he got a Prusa 8” i3v, which sells for around $550), he knew he’d get everything he needed to assemble his new 3D printer with the exception of the glass and the 12v 30 amp power supply.
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Fargo 3D Printing Provides Incredibly Easy Solution to Clogged MakerBot Smart Extruders

The MakerBot Smart Extruders; you either love them or you hate them. When MakerBot Released their 5th Generation Replicators a little over a year ago, many people were in awe of what the company was calling their “Smart Extruders.”
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MakerBot Smart Extruder – Thermal Barrier Tube Unclog

Is your MakerBot smart extruder clicking or clogged?
The clog may reside in the nozzle or the thermal barrier tube.
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