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Bondtech Extruder V2 is Unveiled with a „Performance that Outclasses All Other Extruders“

When it comes to FFF-based 3D printers, no single mechanical piece of these machines is as important to print quality and consistency as that of the printer’s extruder. Extruders are the devices which pull the filament in, melt it to a precise temperature, and then extrude it onto the 3D printer’s bed, thus building an object up, layer by layer.
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Add a closed loop control to your 3D printer and never worry about missed steps again

It’s a problem facing many 3D printers, especially those that have been home-made or extensively modified: missed steps. It’s probably one of the biggest problems with 3D printers (and CNC machines for that matter) in general; when the toolhead is moving around, the stepper motor could miss a step every now and then.
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X & Y axis driven by DC motors with encoders

First test with closed-loop drives on both axis. Notice what happens when I move the carriages out of place by hand.
Additional software https://www.youmagine.com/designs/dc-motor-closed-loop-control-software
Parts for i3: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:620183 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:618042
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Amateur Designer Uses K’NEX Kit to Create a Cheap 3D Printing Filament Spool Holder

Back in 1992, Joel Glickman invented a construction toy system he called K’NEX, and it’s roughly like, and in direct market competition, with Lego, Tinkertoys, and Meccano.

A lot like the Tinkertoy, the tiny building system is made up of interlocking plastic rods, connectors, gears, wheels and various other components which are pieced together to form models, machines, and architectural structures.
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3D Print Your Own Filament Counter and Stay On Top of Future Print Jobs

If you have any experience with 3D printing, you know that a spool of filament can yield a good deal. Thanks to our friends at MakerBot, we can give you some actual numbers or, more accurately, a bit of perspective, on the subject as we know that it’s pretty clear that 1 kg of filament is going to yield about 1 kg of 3D-printed objects. If you’re not using exactly 1 kg of filament to print an object, then you’re going to want to keep track of how much filament you used on a given job.
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A Wrench In the GeckoTek Gears – ABS Build Plate Issues Delay Shipping of Kickstarter Fave

GeckoTek say they’re working hard to address some issues with their line of 3D printer build plates, and though they haven’t found an easy solution to the problem, they’re committed to taking “some steps back” to redefine their test procedure and formula to meet the ABS performance standards they promised to their Kickstarter backers.
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Printr Introduces the “Missing” Element — A Dongle Which Connects Your 3D Printer Remotely to Your PC

The true power of 3D printing is not realized by all the little trinkets you can download and then fabricate in your home, office or garage. Yes, the hundreds of thousands of designs you can download on repositories like Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory are amazing, but the true utility of a 3D printer is the customization it allows one to achieve. Break a buckle for that handmade purse?
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The KappaKit contains your desktop 3D printer fumes while protecting printer from damage

Although 3D printers have brought users an immeasurable amount of joy thanks to the ability to print literally anything at any given moment, they are still not without their flaws.

Among other traits that leave much to be desired – especially desktop Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3d printers – are the harmful fumes and ultrafine particles that are released when plastic is heated up to be extruded. Additionally, even in a workshop environment where ‘industrial smells’ are normal, the smell of burning plastics are usually considered unpleasant compared to say, wood on a bandsaw.
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KappaKit is a fume hood equipped with an exhaust fan with activated carbon filters that captures fumes, fine dust and odours, and at the same time protects your printer.
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LulzBot Details New Plans: 3D Printer Clusters, Upgraded Hotends, Auto Bed Leveling & More

Whenever I attend any sort of 3D printing show or expo, there is one company that is always on my radar, a company that remains open source, and always has something interesting to show. That company is Lulzbot, and Harris Kenny, who is really the face of LulzBot, is always a pleasure to talk to. You can tell that he really has a passion for what the company does. CES was no different, as the entire LulzBot team was extremely friendly, and I had a chance to catch up with Kenny once again.
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