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ViscoTec Leverages Their Dosage Technology, Enters 3D Printing Space with Paste Extruder

Every day tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions, of containers are filled with viscous products from a variety of industries, ranging from automotive, to food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even aerospace. You may have never thought about how your shampoo was placed into its container in such an accurate manner that the weight of each bottle is almost always exact, or how drug dosages are divided in such a precise way, at rapid speeds, when even the smallest error could have major consequences.
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3D printing with ViscoTec – No. 1 Silikones, fluids and pastes

3D-printing heads by ViscoTec – http//:www.viscotec.de/en – for materials like silicone, UV- curing adhesive, 2 component adhesive as well used for organic cell solutions and pastes.
The advantage against other printers is a unique combination of speed and accuracy (resolution). We can print at a layer thickness of 0,2 mm up to 1 ml/minute (depending on viscosity). Further we guarantee a gentle dosing of structure sensitive pastes and we can handle highest viscosities.
ViscoTec concentrates on the printing head or device and the software that can be integrated in nearly every 3D printer.

3D-Druckköpfe von ViscoTec – http//:www.viscotec.de – in verschiedenen Ausführungen für Materialien wie Silikone, UV-Klebstoffe, 2-Komponenten-Klebstoffe sowie für organische Zelllösungen und Pasten aller Art.
Der Vorteil gegenüber anderen Verfahren ist die einzigartige Kombination von Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit (Auflösung). So können wir bei einer Layer-Stärke von 0,2mm je nach Viskosität bis zu 1 ml/Minute drucken. Daneben garantieren wir eine strukturschonende Auftragung der Paste und können auch extrem hohe Viskositäten handhaben.
Unser Schwerpunkt liegt im Druck-Kopf und der Software, welche wir in nahezu alle Druckerfabrikate integrieren können.
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HYREL 3D releases an open-source and fully customizable printhead

For the more experienced 3D printers among us, who are looking for more options and even a touch of customizability, there are fortunately a number of 3D printers out there that can be tinkered with and improved upon, like adding a larger printbed or a second extrusion head. And just in time for Christmas HYREL 3D, one of the manufacturers of those modular printers, has just released an interesting update that will doubtlessly excite many HYREL users.
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Hyrel 3D – Print Head SDK

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Ding! Find out via Text When Your 3D Printer Finishes the Job

We all know the famous saying that a watched pot never boils, but sometimes it’s awfully hard not to wait, hover, and stare. Applying this process to 3D printing, where the printer certainly sets obediently off to work and it’s a pretty fascinating process, it can still be a matter of hours that you are waiting on production of one model.
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3D Printer Sends Text Message: 3D Print Is Done – Video #022

This time Chuck shows you how to use littleBits Cloudbit Module to have your 3D printer send you an SMS text message when the 3D Print is done. It uses littleBits which are easy for anybody including those without any electronics knowledge.
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MakerBot’s Continual Innovation Brings Improvements to Smart Extruder – Reported Rumors Emerge on its Original and Future Development

The company told us that they are constantly working to improve on the Smart Extruder. The extruders come with warranties and they can be exchanged out if they do not work properly. This is where the hardware innovation comes into play. While the company isn’t releasing a new Smart Extruder as a separate product, they continue to innovate and improve upon the current design, and new 5th Generation Replicators come stocked with the latest versions at all times. The same is true when it comes to replacement extruders for those which do not function correctly.
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[Infographic] The Power of 3D Printing in Manufacturing: An Illustrated Guide

Editor’s Note: We love talking about and reporting on technology which effects and also makes the lives’ of manufacturing companies much better. We’ve been providing manufacturing companies and shippers with a web-based transportation management system since 1998, before web-based TMS was as prolific as it is today. We built one of the first Mobile TMS apps, have the only end-to-end LTL eCommerce Freight shipping applications for B2B shopping carts, continue to innovate on internal systems, and have won several accolades for our digital marketing efforts. You can say technology is in our DNA. With that said, one of the sweeping technologies that is currently taking hold and predicted to be a multi-billion dollar industry, is 3D printing. Today’s article showcases the power of 3D Printing in Manufacturing through illustrations, culminating at the bottom in a full infographic.
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DIMA 3D Introduces New DIMAFIX 3D Printing Adhesive Spray to Avoid Warping and Sticking on Hot Print Beds

The moment a 3D print job finishes should be a sweet little victory in which you’re able to pluck a completed new object from the print bed and admire its exact dimensions. Sometimes, though, it just isn’t that easy; the material may have warped, slid out of place, or got stuck to the print bed. Trying to avoid these unfortunate circumstances, especially for 3D printers using heated print beds, is a key focus of global R&D in the 3D printing industry. In October, we heard about Airwolf 3D’s newly introduced Wolfbite spray that is intended to combat this very issue.
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Cyclops & Chimera Release Announcement

For a long time we’ve wanted to do something that takes care of dual extrusion in a neat and simple package. So we started out with some design objectives:

– Simple, easy to use, mount, and maintain.
– Modular, upgradeable, and compatible with the v6 ecosystem.
– Lightweight and compact.
– More cost effective than 2x E3D-v6 HotEnds.
– Must be a high performance, all metal, polymer pushing machine. (It’s an E3D, it has to be.)

What we actually came up with were two new HotEnd products. Continuing our theme of mythological beasts let me introduce Chimera and Cyclops.
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E3D’s Solution to Dual Extrusion – Chimera & Cyclops.

Meet Chimera and Cyclops, the latest additions to the E3D faimily.
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3D-Proto Creates Unique Dual „Parking“ Extruder System for 3D Printers

We have seen an increasing popularity of dual extruder FFF/FDM 3D printers as of late. These machines provide many benefits over their single extruder counterparts, including the ability to print in multiple colors and/or materials during a continuous print job. This creates a simple method of building support material, especially when you use HIPS or PVA as the support material, as these can easily be dissolved in either warm water or Limonene. Dual extruder 3D printers, while they have tremendous benefits, also present a few problems.
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Pt.1: Dual „parking“ extruder for a Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer / by 3D-Proto

This is my approach for dual extrusion to avoid the current issues with fixed side by side dual extrusion. Enjoy watching the first part with the testing GCode. See you soon with the second part and hopefully some printing with this dual extruder.
More details will be uploaded soon on my you tube channel and www.3d-proto.de.
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James Chang is Working on the Biggest CMYKW 3D Printer Known to Humanity

What do you do when you’ve retired as a mechanical engineer? You build a giant, five-color 3D printer. At least, that’s what you do if you’re James Chang. The 45-year-old Taiwanese engineer has been working on his Super 3D Printer with the plan of making it able to mix colors using a CMYKW printing process.
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FDM multi- feed mixed color nozzle 5 in 1 out

Super 3D Printer Project
FDM multi- feed mixed color nozzle3D printer
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New Modular Positioning Axis for Inventors Launched on KS

Oregon invention shop Cre8tor Industries has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Axis 8 Inventors Positioning Axis that can be used by makers to create their own 3D printers and other high-tech machines. The self-contained axis has an 8 micron accuracy and has uses for 1D, 2D or 3D applications according to the inventors.
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Inventor’s Positioning Axis (8 micron accuracy)
by Michele and Jim Gray

Optimized for product development, this is a 13″ or 21″ linear rail guided positioning axis with only 2.5 microns backlash.

Life is made up of pieces of time. For inventors, time is of the essence. Spend your time creating the fun parts, we’ve taken care of the first step.

We’ve created the essential building block. Our axis is the critical element to allow inventors to put together a fully functional 3D development kit for about $1000, still having the accuracy normally found in more expensive commercial solutions.
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