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3D Printing with Hummus — New Extrusion Process and Basic Culinary Know-How

Everyone’s favorite go-to party dip is now a 3D printing medium thanks to our friends at 3DigitalCooks (3DC), who recently introduced us to 3D printing with bananas. 3DC is a website that provides the latest news in digital gastronomy. 3D food innovators from around the world share new technologies and creative ideas and solutions relevant to the culinary branch of 3D printing.
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Lucky Hummus

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Feb 14, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Food Printer

3D Printed BBQ – A BotBQ for Some 3D Food Printed Fun in the Sun

3D printed food has been in the works for some time now and it looks like it is going to get huge in 2015. Some of the chocolate and sugar-based creations that we’ve seen so far are astonishing, clearly indicating the new possibilities that open up for the pastry making industry. However, while chocolate and sugar are (relatively) easily melted and deposited in layers with high precision, the same in not as easy to achieve when it comes to more “conventional” food. Like the meat in burgers, for example. That is why BotBQ (pronounced: “botbecue”) was created.
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Don’t Burst My Bubble: 3D Printed Chewing Gum Is Coming

Sometimes – actually many times – I get contacted by people who make the most incredible things with 3D printing. Other times, I get contacted by people who make the most obvious things and I wonder why no one has done it before. Usually, the latter one’s end up being more successful.
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3d printed chewing gum

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Feb 13, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Food Printer

Food 3D Printing Starts from the Sweet Ending

Every serious meal’s final objective is getting to the desserts. The same seems to be true for food 3D printing: whatever new inventions are introduced, they often end up focusing on new ways to 3D print sweets. Since most sweets are either made of sugar or chocolate, these two products are the ones most “food makers” have been focusing on. Let’s go take a look at what some of the leading companies and innovators in this segment, ChocEdge, 3D Systems, Hans Fouche, RIB and more, have achieved so far.
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Are You Ready to Eat Pasta that Looks Like You?

International pasta manufacturer Barilla surprised everyone by announcing they had been working at a “pasta 3D printer” for over two years, in collaboration with top Dutch technological university TNO. This was not just meant to be a novelty item but a machine for restaurants to create personalized pasta shapes for their clients, something intended to one day also be used in the home. While the news attracted massive amounts of media attention it remained unclear, initially, what those possibilities could truly be.
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PancakeBot 3D Printer to Hit Marketplace Soon in Partnership with Storebound

The thought of pancakes just invokes fresh smells, good memories, lazy weekends, and full stomachs ready for naps. My finest memories as a kid are of Sunday mornings with my dad in the kitchen whipping up pancakes and making an epic mess of flour and dishes while my mom slept in blissfully.
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The Pancake BOT – Create the coolest pancakes!

Don’t just make pancakes, create them! Introducing the world’s first pancake robot.
The Pancake BOT allows you to draw out pancakes into just about any shape or design you can imagine, and you don’t even need an art degree (or a culinary one) to do it!
The Pancake BOT will be available soon. Follow us on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest developments:
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