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3D Food Printing | Lynette Kucsma | TEDxHighPoint

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Can i Print this ? This is the question Lynette Kucsma wants to ask people in regards to food.

How did Lynette become involved in the field of 3D printing? Lynette has been in the technology field for a large part of her professional career. Prior to Natural Machines, she was a Senior Marketing/PR Manager for Microsoft. Lynette became aware of the 3D printing concept a few years ago, and then last year she was introduced to and joined Natural Machines, but only after questioning their original use of 3D food printing and swinging in around so it actually benefited people from a health aspect. Now here she is, in the 3D printing field. Personally, she’s passionate about healthy eating, technology and marketing. Weave that together with her tech and consumer professional background, and it all comes together for Lynette at Natural Machines.
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Okt 6, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, Food Printer

The Edible Growth project: a study into sustainable, healthy 3D printed food

„Hungry? Why not print yourself a nice meal?“

That is what forms the basis of one the biggest challenges in the world of 3D printing technology. Is it possible to develop a desktop (well, kitchen top) 3D printer that is capable of printing diverse, edible, affordable and even tasty meals? It would not only reach a new level of convenience, but it would also be a wonderful solution to paradox that is the combination of world food shortages and the wasteful consumer market prevailing throughout the west. (And, of course, it would also allow 3D printing to reach the minds and wallets of the complete consumer market, rather than just a segment of it.)
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The Sky Kitchen Concept for 3D Food Printing of Inflight Catering

The 3D printing of food is something which may take a while to catch on. Although there are several companies, including 3D Systems, working on this type of technology, it’s only been within the candy/desert space where such techniques have actually taken off. With this said, changes within the industry are happening at such a rapid rate that we may see widespread 3D food printing take hold sooner rather than later.
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3D Food Printing for Inflight Catering

3D Food Printing for Inflight Catering from Dipendra Namdeo on Vimeo.

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ORD Solutions launches fully assembled RoVa-Paste/Food 3D printer for under $1000CAD

Cambridge, Ontario based Canadian company ORD Solutions launched their RoVa3D, the first 5 material/color liquid cooled 3D printer in June this year and successfully raised more than CAD$132,000 on Kickstarter. With the Kickstarter money the company is able to continue their R&D work to push technology further faster.
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The 1st Fully Assembled Paste/Food 3D Printer under $1000CAD
by ORD Solutions

We’ve taken the ROCK SOLID RoVa3D printing platform and combined it with a Paste Extruder starting at only $899 CAD!!
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The 1st Fully assembled Paste/Food 3D Printer under $1000CAD – Tech Update

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F3D 3D Food Printer is Really Cooking

There have been a few different food printers that have come to the stage, like the Foodini, Candy, and the ChefJet from 3D Systems. As amazing as these machines may be, they don’t quite fulfill the dream of a Star Trek replicator capable of delivering fully-cooked meals on demand.
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F3D food printing and cooking

Printing the ‚F‘ cookie.
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Joshua Lankford’s 3D Cake Printer Could Become the New Paradigm for Elaborate Cake Creations

We’ve seen several 3D printers hit the market with the goal of printing food. 3D Systems’ Chefjet can print extremely detailed sugary objects at great speed, while Natural Machines’ Foodini is capable of printing entire meals. Then there are several 3D chocolate printers that have recently hit the market. Without a doubt, 3D printing and food are coming together faster than most people had originally believed they would. The reason? These machines are capable of fabricating almost perfect food creations that both look and taste great.
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