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3D Printing Organs

Once upon a time, the concept of 3D printing organs was only in the imaginations of mad science fiction writers. Today, breakthroughs in 3D organ printing, also called bioprinting, are moving along at a faster clip than humans might ever have imagined.
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Watch As Researchers Create Beating, 3D Printed Heart Organoid

They call them “organoids,” and they’re 3D printed, beating cardiac cells which are sure to inspire scientists and biologists while raising ethical concerns among critics intent on stopping the progress of the technology.

The groundbreaking research program aimed at creating human organs is the result of a project at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and it features heart cells which are made functional and shaped using a highly-specialized 3D printer.
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Mrz 25, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

3D-Drucker – Wir drucken uns ein Ohr

Drucken wir uns bald unsere Pizza, unsere Medikamente, unser Fleisch zu Hause am 3D-Drucker aus? Designen Kliniken bald die 3D-Vorlagen für unsere Ersatzorgane? All das scheint möglich zu sein. Eine 3D Printshow in Berlin gibt einen Überblick über die technischen Neuerungen.
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Qingdao Unique to Begin Animal Testing on 3D Printed Skin & Corneas Within 1 Year, Other Organs in 2 Years

While 3D printing has been making its mark for a couple decades within the field of rapid prototyping, it is now just beginning to break the surface when it comes to medical uses. One Chinese company, called Qingdao Unique has been working in the field of bioprinting for some time now. Now Qingdao Unique tells 3DPrint.com that they plan to 3D print corneas and skin within just one year.
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