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Renderings & Details Unveiled for Extraordinary 3D Printed Home in New York

Back in August of 2014, 3DPrint.com broke a story on a project originating from New York City architect/contractor Adam Kushner, and the company which he is the president of, D-Shape Enterprises. That project was one of massive scale, something never seen before within the 3D printing space. Kushner had come up with a plan to 3D print an entire estate in upstate New York, consisting of a 3D printed 2400-square-foot house and a large 3D printed swimming pool, as well as a pool house and car port which will also be 3D printed. At the time, all that Kushner had to present were architectural drawings depicting how the enormous estate would be laid out.
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WASP to 3D Print Houses with Plant Seeds Inside that can Grow Into Full Root Systems for Support

One of the most fascinating companies that we have covered over the past year has been a company called WASP, which stands for “World’s Advanced Saving Project”. We have reported in the past, that they have an ultimate goal of 3D printing housing structures in developing nations.
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WASP plans to 3D Print Houses Using a Seed/Clay Mixture

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Minibuilders: Drei 3D-Druck-Roboter bauen ein Haus

Die Limitationen gängiger 3D-Drucker sieht man ihnen zu einem großen Teil schon von außen an: Egal ob kleiner Makerbot oder großer Laser-Sinter-Drucker, sie drucken höchstens Objekte in der Größe ihres Innenraums. Für einen richtig großen Druck benötigt man also entweder mehrere Teile, die später zusammengesetzt werden, oder ein anderes Konzept für die Fertigung.
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Andrey Rudenko Plans to 3D Print a 2-Story ‘Zero Energy’ House in 5 Days with Advanced 3D Printer

Back in August, we reported on the world’s first 3D printed castle, designed and printed by a man in Minnesota, named Andrey Rudenko. The miniature castle, which was printed in Rudenko’s backyard, garnered him plenty of media attention. There were people talking about his accomplishments all over the world, and it provided evidence that it is only a matter of time before 3D printing becomes a mainstream method of construction.
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3D Printed Concrete Castle

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