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Mai 13, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Food Printer

Die Kunst des künstlichen Essens

Die Expo in Italien beschäftigt sich unter dem Motto „Den Planeten ernähren, Energie fürs Leben“, wie man die schnell wachsende Weltbevölkerung künftig ernähren kann. Die Lebensmittelindustrie hat mit 3D-Drucker und Labor-Fleisch die Herausforderung angenommen.
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The Boscusini Might Be the First Universal Food 3D Printer to Reach the Market

3D printable food is one of those things that sounds like a good idea, but the more you think about what is involved the sillier it becomes. Yes, the ability to 3D print identical food creations with a robot is pretty cool, but it is also rather inefficient in comparison to a skilled workforce. Since the very few food 3D printers that have actually managed to come to market are all based on FDM technology, the limitations of speed and resolution aren’t going to go away.
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Bocusini new

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