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Additive Industries launch the MetalFab1: A complete industrial metal 3D Printer

At last year’s Euromold there was one stand that had a lot of people’s tongues a-wagging. There was no machine, there were no parts, just a big empty box and some interesting declarations from a new company coming out of the Netherlands.
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Additive Industries is launching the 1st integrated metal additive manufacturing system for high-end industrial applications to bring 3D printing for metals from lab to fab
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Heavy Metal: +Mfg Metal 3D Printer Unveiled at Automate 2015

“Imagine”, this is the word that adorned the face of the +1000K machine when it premiered at Automate 2015 in Chicago last week. The +1000K is a new type of large format metal 3D printer, built to produce massive ideas but in a less expensive, faster, cleaner, safer, and environmentally friendly way. Large-scale metal additive manufacturing is a huge area for growth within the industrial manufacturing world and so many industries stand to benefit from an easier-to-use and more efficient metal 3D printer.
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Mrz 31, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Metalldrucker

Opportunities for 3D Printing Precious Metals: Jewelry and Other Applications

SmarTech believes that 3D printing of gold, silver, platinum and precious metal alloys will present important opportunities for the 3D printing community in the near future.

– 3D printing has been of growing importance in the jewelry industry for a decade and we are about see 3D printing enter new territory; directly fabricated jewelry, timepiece components, and accessories made from precious metal powder
– We also expect new opportunities for 3D-printed precious metals to emerge in the medical/dental and electronics sectors. For example, 3D printers can be used with additive-appropriate gold alloy powders as a result of increasing awareness of complications developing from use of less-inert gold substitutes
– The budding area of 3D-printed electronics are expected to use silver and gold inks for customized and short run fabrication of antennas and PCBs

This new report identifies the market opportunities for 3D-printed precious metals and provides ten-year forecasts for them in both volume (Kgs) and value ($millions) terms. Breakouts by type of metal and application are also included as are product/market assessments of the leading equipment and service players in this space.

Readers of this report will gain insight into the established market for printed jewelry casts, directly fabricated jewelry and consumer products utilizing precious metal materials, as well as emerging uses for the 3D printing of precious metal powders and compatible precious metal materials. Coverage includes:
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Vader Molten Metal 3D Printer

You probably know that high-end industrial 3d printers can print metal objects by using laser or electron beams on fine metallic powder but Vader is something completely different. Vader is aimed at small company or professional workshop environment by implementing proprietary MagnetoJet Printing (MJP) and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) ceramic printhead technologies to reduce the machine cost.
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Mrz 25, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, Metalldrucker

Physicist Sees Laser Beamlet 3D Metal Printer Transforming Speed & Affordability

With the issue of speed being so prevalent a topic in 3D printing, you can put your money on that being something that changes — and soon. As the honeymoon stage fades with 3D printing, makers and industry innovators are moving into the improvement phase. Obviously, one element all would like to see greatly improve with this technology making such sweeping changes is speed. And while it sounds simple enough, adding greater speed also needs to come with (because yes, we do want it all) affordability and great quality.
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Mrz 19, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

+Mfg Unveils New +1000k 3D Printer — Prints With Multiple Metals In a Single Run

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, metal 3D printing is where the future is at. Providing the ability to manufacture intricate parts, which are often impossible to produce via casting and other methods, as well as saving time, money, and material within the production process, 3D printers will continue to expand their presence on the manufacturing floor.
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