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Enabling a Grip: Student Creates Unique Fingertips for 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands

Over and over again, we’ve covered the amazing stories brought to life by volunteers from an organization called e-NABLE. This group of individuals has been working tirelessly to 3D print prosthetic hands and arms for children in need. Over the past year alone, we have seen iteration after iteration come about, each one featuring something even more incredible than the last. This has led to hundreds of children and adults receiving affordable prosthetic devices which fit their bodies to a T.
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Top 3D Printable 3DShare Models This Week — Fishing Lure, Alluring Skirt-Blown Figure, Darth Tweety & More

3DSha.re ends up with the most entertaining and sometime unnerving models for 3D printing, which is why each week we take a closer look at what is popular on the highly trafficked site. This week’s top models include a fishing lure, an (for some) alluring Marilyn Monroe-esque figure with iconic blowing skirt, a functional and modular bendy bag for all occasions, a funky moon lamp, and a Darth Vader-styled Tweety figure standing on a bed of skulls.
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3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — May 2, 2015

This week’s news we didn’t cover includes new 3D printing services, such as Materialise’s upcoming massive 3D model database, Scanning Cars’ online selection of printable auto models, and Israel-based 3DShook’s new unlimited printing subscription. Reify’s stereolithographic 3D printer, Solus DLP, is improved and can be pre-ordered, and a team from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis has won an innovative design competition for lightweight cars. In medical news out of the Netherlands, one Dutch team has invented a moisture-holding hydrogel that is compatible with large-scale regenerative bone cartilage repair, and another Dutch team has printed the first human clavicle for use in a surgery preparation. Last but not least, a new San Francisco-based company claims it can bioprint rhino horns to replace poaching and save the species. Here’s hoping!
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Graphene Inks May Lead to 3D Printable Body Parts and Implantable Electronics

The physics researchers who discovered graphene said, while they were picking up their Nobel Prize, that its discovery would change the world. Graphene is not the first discovery said to be world changing, nor will it be the last. But it is one of the few that looks to be coming very close to living up to its discoverers’ promise.
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PC-WELT verlost Shapie-Gutscheine!

Gewinnen Sie einen von sechs Gutscheinen der Dienstleister My3D und You Little. Sie wollten schon immer eine kleine Figur von sich selbst, dem Kind oder dem Haustier? Jetzt ist die Gelegenheit! Machen Sie mit und gewinnen Sie einen von sechs Gutscheinen der Dienstleister My3D und You Little.
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