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D-Coil — A 3D Wax Printing Pen That Also Builds Digital Models on the Fly

D-Coil, a research project, tool, and digital modeling approach from Huaishu Peng and François Guimbretière of Cornell University Information Science, and Amit Zoran of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, uses wax coiling to bring a thoroughly amazing spin to the design and execution of 3D prints.
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D-Coil: A Hands-on Approach to Digital 3D Models Design

D-Coil: A Hands-on Approach to Digital 3D Models Design from Huaishu on Vimeo.

We introduce D-Coil, a new digital 3D modeling approach using wax coiling to bring tangibility to the design of
digital models. After defining a shape to extrude, the users follow the lead of a hand-held actuated extruder to
instantiate the actual extrusion using wax. The tangibility of the wax extrusion sets the stage to create the next
components until the digital model is completed. The digital model affords all digital attributes (ease of
transformation, distribution, and 3D printing) while the wax artifact can be discarded or kept as a one-of-a-kind
memento. We present a proof-of-concept implementation of D-Coil and showcase how this additive approach can also be extended to a subtractive process using a digitally actuated cutter. By adding a 6DOF mouse, users can also include scaling, rotation, and bending effects to create a wide variety of shapes often difficult for novices to produce in standard CAD software.
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3D Model Moving Objects — xxArray 3D Capture Launches on Kickstarter

Although most of us have plenty to say, our world is extremely visually based. With code and computer programs hidden in the background, technology is front and center with enormous visual allure. And today, you are dwelling in the dark ages if you aren’t involved with social media and exerting an internet presence of some sort.
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xxArray: A digital revolution built entirely around you
von BlueVishnu

xxArray 3D Capture Tour offers access to 3D avatars, personalized rewards and a developer’s kit for creation of custom applications.

We’re taking our 90+ camera 3D body studio on tour to capture you in ultra high detail, and produce a 3D avatar of your likeness. There is a whole universe unfolding for the digital explorer and your digital avatar is your passport in.
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xxArray Kickstarter – Art of the Avatar Teaser: V2 (With Reactions)

xxArray Kickstarter – Art of the Avatar Teaser: V2 (With Reactions) from alexxhenry on Vimeo.

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CGTrader’s Top 3D Printable Models for the Month: Cat Riding a Unicorn, Presidents’ Heads & More!

Each month we review the top viewed and top downloaded models from CGTrader, which reveals much about the latest trends and tastes among 3D printing fans. After all, CGTrader is a web-based service devoted to makers and customers interested in uploading and downloading 3D printable models. You can sell your latest creation or buy a model to print, and this overview introduces readers to the hottest models of the month — whether its the heads of a wolf or past U.S. presidents on Mt. Rushmore, armed cat figures riding unicorns, dinosaurs, chess sets, or R2D2 style robots. Here’s this month’s top viewed and downloaded 3D printable models from CGTrader.
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Top 3D Printable 3DShare Models This Week: Knife and Phone Stands, Storm Trooper Ring & More

Almost all of this week’s top five printable 3DSha.re models have some kind of useful function–a refreshing change from some past models that appear to only function for the sake of shock value or titillation (and many may ask, “What’s wrong with that?”) This week’s top models include a knife stand for your Samurai Knife collection, an Imperial Storm Trooper ring, an improved Scissor Snake object grabber, a Big Feet smartphone stand, and a clip design for plastic bags and other household uses.
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Apr 25, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — April 25, 2015

This week’s stories move from Europe and South Korea, to the developing world, to North American academics and makers. This news includes: a Dutch company’s new weekly 3D printed lampshade; the Belgian company Hoet’s new eyewear line; Adafruit’s portable soundboard project; Michigan Tech’s research on 3D printed tools for developing world organic farms; a new add-on device to make 3D printing and removing objects easier from Penn State; Yale’s research on strengthening plastic printed objects with stronger resins; South Korea-based Carima’s new desktop 3D printer, the DP 110; and ShapingBits’ Kickstarter campaign for multi-material single and dual extruder printers. Catch up on all your international 3D printing news here!
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Mini-Ich in 3D – So entsteht ein Shapie

Mit 3D-Technik lassen sich kleine Statuen von uns selbst, den Liebsten oder Haustieren fertigen. Das sogenannte Shapie ist erstaunlich lebensecht: Der Klon stimmt in den Proportionen, zeigt typische Haltung und Mimik. Und das in Farbtönen, die genau die Kleidung oder das Fells vom Bello treffen. Zu Hause können Sie das Shapie allerdings nicht erstellen. Sie müssen zum spezialisierten Dienstleister.
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