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Steven Osborn Gives Lowdown on Lulzbot Extruder Hacking for Lulzbot Taz 4

We all know the drill when it comes to the best-laid plans. Often you might have a project in mind that’s clear cut, and all you can think about is getting to the finish line. Most of us though have experienced the grand — and not so welcome — surprise of becoming mired down in preparation and dealing with tools and technology that aren’t cooperating.
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Powerful Brainboard 3D Printer / CNC Controller Launches on Indiegogo

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, lies at the heart of everything from mills to laser cutters to milling machines to, of course, 3D printers. The series of steps needed to produce any part are easily automated via CNC and closely match the steps required to create an original CAD design in three dimensions.
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Brainboard v2: Demon of CNC controllers

Brainboard v2: Demon of CNC controllers from Jitendra singh on Vimeo.

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X-Winder Offering New 4-Axis Filament Winder

X-Winder LLC, maker of a small-scale desktop filament winder, has announced the release of their new 4-axis model 4X-23, and they say it represents the next step in the evolution of desktop filament winding technology.
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X-Winder Filament Winder Model 2X-23 and 4X-23

The 4X-23 represents the next step in the evolution of the X-Winder line of filament winders. Based on the same frame and sharing many common parts with the 2-axis model, this new 4-Axis winder adds a whole new level in automated desktop composite filament winding technology.
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Are Induction-Heated Nozzles the Wave of the Future for Greater Speed in 3D Printing?

Most of us are well aware that one of the biggest issues in 3D printing, especially on the desktop, is speed. This is a fairly mainstream perception, which was demonstrated to me a few weeks ago when I fell into a weekend Netflix marathon of Grey’s Anatomy and ironically managed to plug first thing into the episode where Meredith receives a grant not only to use 3D printing, but to purchase one for the hospital as well.
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3D printer – induction heater

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A New 3D Printer Nozzle for Chocolate?

A Kickstarter campaign is attempting to raise funds to engineer a nozzle specifically to 3D print chocolate.
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Chocolate Printhead for Open Source 3D Printer
by SunP Biotech
3D print chocolate from your own 3D printer!
3D printers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for the fabrication of an amplitude of objects. This includes, but is not limited to, jewelry, phone cases, children toys, and even tissue/organ replacements. The issue with today’s 3D printers are that the fabrication/print head cannot print food products, i.e. chocolate.
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FastBot’s BBP Controller Board Allows You to Upgrade Your 3D Printer & Print 4x Faster

While 3D printing is being hailed as ‘the next coming’ in manufacturing and design and much more, it’s also become somewhat infamous as a time-consuming practice, with more than a few snarky comments being made about how long it might take you to print, say, a plastic fork. The team at FastBot doesn’t want your 3D printer to be the butt of any more jokes — which is why they created the BBP controller board, just launched on Kickstarter with hopes to raise $10K by April 9.
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Canadian Engineer Uses a Nintendo Controller Hack to Run His 3D Printer

Jeff Payeur, an engineer from Montreal, Canada, is a fan of Pronterface, a versatile GUI to upload GCode and instruct 3D printers, but he’s not as enamored of using mouse clicks to manually control them.
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Nitendo nes remote for 3d printer

See https://sites.google.com/site/jfpayeur/main/nes-controller-for-reprap-via-pronterface for more details
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Stacker 3D now offers highly efficient HYBRID hot end for 3D printers

Remember the upcoming modular and multi-head Stacker 3D printer? When we first reported on it in February, things were already looking very promising. Not only would this 3D printer be very efficient and quick – in part for being able to 3D print up to four parts at once, it is also shaping up to be an excellent machine for working with composite filaments.
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HYBRID – A new kind of hot end!

HYBRID – A new kind of hot end! from STACKER on Vimeo.

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