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Kickstarter Project Seeks to add Full Enclosure and Colored Panels to MakerBot Replicator 2

It’s incredible how much has changed within the desktop 3D printing space over the last two years alone. Today there are so many options available when an individual decides to decides to purchase a new machine. A mere two years ago, when Bre Pettis and company announced their MakerBot Replicator 2, it stood out as quite a capable 3D printer, packed full of options with very little in terms of competition (at least when compared to today’s environment).
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Full Enclosure and Colored Panels for MakerBot Replicator 2
by Colter Fragale
Our full enclosure will increase print quality, eliminate drafts, and reduce noise. Colored panels will allow you to customize your Bot
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Purchase an Installable Filament Monitor for your MakerBot Replicator

If you have an older generation MakerBot that doesn’t have integrated filament monitoring technology you can purchase this awesome mod that warns you when your filament is about to run out so you have time to change it before your print is ruined.
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Filament Monitor: Filament Empty

Available Here:
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Filament Monitor: Dual Monitoring

Filament Monitor: Filament Tangled

Filament Monitor: Reprogramming the Timeout

Smoke Signal – New Device to Help Prevent 3D Printer Fires Launches on Kickstarter

There is no doubt that home 3D printing is changing the way people do things. Because of all the benefits to the technology, it is often easy to forget that there still are issues to overcome. This is often to our detriment. One of the hazards of home 3D printing is the risk of fire. If you’ve ever wanted to create something complex that could take a bit of time to print, chances are you’ve been tempted to leave your printer going while you stepped away from it, or even gone to bed.
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Smoke Signal – A Safety System for 3D Printers
by Andrew Maurer

You should never leave your printer unattended… but you do. This device will cut power to your printer when it senses smoke or fire.
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Turn Almost any 3D Printer Into a Paste Extrusion Printer With +Lab’s 3D Printed Attachment

Despite the influx of machines making their way to market, capable of printing with a paste extrusion system, those who already own a 3D printer are likely not going to run out and blow another several hundred to thousands of dollars on another machine so that they can print with numerous other materials. Not to mention there are currently no machines readily available which are capable of printing via paste extrusion as well as thermoplastic fusion methods. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just purchase an attachment to turn your FFF 3D printer into a paste extrusion machine?
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Multiextruder NPr2 – Allows for 3D Printing in up to 6 Colors Per Object

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky, famous Russian painter and art theorist.

Isn’t this so true? Think about it for a minute. How boring would your everyday life be without colorful sunsets, the different color outfits you and your friends wear, and color TV? Sure you could survive without color, but life would be quite a bit less exciting.
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Multiextruder Npr2

The first multiextruder 4 wire and one HotEnd that work with a standard board for 2 extruder.
It’s time to print multicolor.
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Ultimaker Announces the Ultimaker Original+ 3D Printer & Heated Bed Upgrade Kit

It was only last week that Ultimaker took the plunge, jumped in the pond, and swam across. That pond of course is known by many as the Atlantic Ocean, and when Ultimaker jumped in, they did so with the support of many people here in the US. On September 16, they officially announced that they would be bringing their company across the Atlantic Ocean, all the way from the Netherlands to begin shipping their popular 3D printers from locations here in the United States.
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